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2016 Monaco Thoughts

THE BIG PICTURE: It truly was the greatest day in racing. A super race at Monaco. An unexpected finish at Indy. Even the 24 Hours of Nürburgring had a thrilling, dramatic ending for the win; a race which consisted of, ready for this, hail and ice, resulting in a 25-car crash bringing out the red flag. Ironically, it was the NASCAR race which was the biggest dud.

TRACK: The best course marshals in the entire world.

EVENT: The (obscene) money just keeps flowing.

QUALIFYING: Ricciardo pulls out a lap for the ages, Hamilton gets boned again, Verstappen learns again how tough Monaco is, and Sauber doesn't believe you need an engine for qualifying.

RACE: It's rare you can say, "What a great race" for Monaco. You can certainly say it this time. What a great race! To top it off, five different manufacturers finished in the top five.


HAMILTON: A blundered pit strategy taketh (2015 to Rosberg); a blundered pit strategy giveth (2016 from Ricciardo). Lewis will be more than happy to take the latter.

ROSBERG: A miserable performance from Nico, overheating brakes notwithstanding, prompting all the Hamilton fans to scream, "Told you so, told you so..."

MERCEDES: Yes, they are back on top, but they've got to know they need to eye Red Bull now, and not Ferrari, as their biggest threats.

RED BULL: What a bunch of morons. Absolute morons!

RICCIARDO: All you conspiracy idiots, just stop. Just stop! It was an honest mistake. Granted, a dumb ass mistake, but an honest mistake nonetheless.

VERSTAPPEN: For all his brilliance, Max is not very brilliant at the track which demands brilliance the most. Two years. Three crashes (plus a skimming of the guardrail). All the driver's fault.

PEREZ: We've said it before. It isn't even a question anymore. Sergio is truly the number one driver at Force India.

HULKENBERG: And all that talk about Nico being the next Ferrari driver? Not so much anymore...

FORCE INDIA: The beleaguered team jumped from seventh to fifth.

FERRARI: At another track where the Prancing Horse should have been a contender, they not only lost to Mercedes and Red Bull again, but were also beaten by Force India.

VETTEL: Is Sebastian's magic running out?

RAIKKONEN: Are Kimi's days running out?

MCLAREN: Another great result.

ALONSO: Is Fernando now re-energized?

SAINZ: Still quietly getting the job done.

KVYAT: From dumb to stupid to asinine. Daniil keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. His days in F1 may truly be numbered.

NASR: If your team tells you to move over, you move over. Felipe impressed on his debut. That seems like such a long time ago, though. Ever since then, he's done nothing.

ERICSSON: But then again, that was a very opportunistic attempt, Marcus.

HAAS F1: The quick start team fell from sixth to eighth in the standings.

RENAULT: Spent more time against the guardrail then on the road.

PALMER: The new Pastor Maldonado?

ROSSI: Alexander losses his F1 ride, so he returns to America and wins the Indy 500. Then, if the rumored money problems with Haryanto are true, could end up back in F1. What a ride.


STAT OF THE WEEKEND: 0 -- The number of tires Red Bull had ready for Daniel Ricciardo's pit stop.

HISTORICAL STAT OF THE WEEKEND: The 1952 Monaco GP was run to sports car rules in a non-championship event. It was won by Vittorio Marzotto in a Ferrari, which took the top five spots even though they were locked out of the top two grid spots. Pierre Levegh won the pole in a Talbot-Lago. He only lasted five of the 100 laps with a camshaft problem. Stirling Moss started second in a Jaguar, crashing out on the 47th lap. Luigi Fagioli, the oldest driver to win in F1, died three weeks after crashing his Lancia in practice.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: Daniel Ricciardo perfectly epitomized his thoughts to his team after the race, "Just save it! Nothing you could say could make it any better."

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND RUNNERUP: Kevin Magnussen is the latest driver to ask this question directed at Daniil Kvyat, "What the fuck was he doing?!"

SCHEDULE: A lot has happened the last two races. Some things should start sorting themselves out in Montreal.

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  Driver Laps
1. Hamilton 78
2. Ricciardo 78
3. Perez 78
4. Vettel 78
5. Alonso 78
6. Hulkenberg 78
7. Rosberg 78
8. Sainz 77
9. Button 77
10. Massa 77
11. Gutierrez 77
12. Bottas 77
13. Grosjean 76
14. Wehrlein(R) 76
15. Haryanto(R) 74
NC Ericsson 51
NC Nasr 48
NC Verstappen 34
NC Magnussen 32
NC Kvyat 18
NC Raikkonen 10
NC Palmer(R) 7

Time of Race

Margin of Victory
7.252 sec.

Virtual/Safety Car
4 for 12 laps

Lead Changes
3 among 2 drivers

Lap Leaders
Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo

Fastest Race Lap
Lewis Hamilton

Pole Position
Daniel Ricciardo

  Driver Pts.
1. Rosberg 106
2. Hamilton 82
3. Ricciardo 66
4. Raikkonen 61
5. Vettel 60
6. Verstappen 38
7. Massa 37
8. Bottas 29
9. Perez 23
10. Grosjean 22
  Kvyat 22
12. Alonso 18
13. Sainz 16
14. Hulkenberg 14
15. Magnussen 6
16. Button 5
17. Vandoorne(R) 1

  Team Pts.
1. Mercedes 188
2. Ferrari 121
3. Red Bull 112
4. Williams 66
5. Force India 37
6. Toro Rosso 30
7. McLaren 24
8. Haas 22
9. Renault 6

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