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2014 Belgium Thoughts

THE BIG PICTURE: We have our major controversial moment of this year's championship. Let the fallout begin...

EVENT: Yeah, we understand why. But still, poor form by the fans. Very, very poor form.

QUALIFYING: Rain tried to spoil things, but it was still Mercedes ... and still Rosberg, Hulkenberg surprisingly struggles in the wet, and not surprisingly Vettel shines.

RACE: The end of race battle for fifth place was epic. Absolutely epic.

TRACK: Why can't they all be like Spa?

START: Rosberg wastes his pole, Vettel is the Vettel of old only to throw it away, and Hamilton is as cool as a cucumber.

RICCIARDO: Everybody sit down and accept two facts. 1) Ricciardo is better than Vettel. 2) Ricciardo is now a contender, at least for second place.

VETTEL: Even with a strong weekend, Sebastian makes mistakes while his teammate makes none.

RED BULL: So, wait another year, and then promote another Toro Rosso driver and dump Vettel...?

ROSBERG: Making a point?! Just what point where you making? To systematically lose all respect from the Formula 1 world? Point made, Nico.

HAMILTON: The gloves are off in Lewis' mind. And rightfully so.

MERCEDES: Credit them for trying to give us fans what we want -- a fair fight. Understand them for doing what they have to do -- change the internal team rules.

BOTTAS: Shocking for a Finn to struggle in the rain, but once again, he shined on race day.

MASSA: Innocent victim or not this season, Felipe really needs to score his share of points to get Williams third in the standings.

MCLAREN: A strong race, for once.

BUTTON: Screwed by his teammate. What's with silver car teammates at Spa?

MAGNUSSEN: The Stewards got this particular silver car deviant.

ALONSO: Really lucky Fernando only got a five second penalty. And got to serve it during a pitstop no less.

RAIKKONEN: Penalty to his teammate not withstanding, this was Kimi's best race of the season.

KVYAT: Once again showed why he is staying at Toro Rosso. But, he better watch out. Next year, he suddenly becomes the grizzled old veteran on the team.

VERGNE: The Red Bull driver program chews up and spits out drivers. Jean-Eric, you may now commiserate with Liuzzi, Speed, Bourdais, and Alguersuari.

VERSTAPPEN: Perhaps the best part of this news is we can stop hearing about the absurd notion of the extremely unqualified Sergey Sirotkin being the youngest driver in F1.

SAINZ, JR.: Carlos has got to be wondering, "What the hell just happened?"

MALDONADO: Does Pastor text while he drives? How else can you explain his tendency to drive off tracks while going in a straight line, like he did once again in practice?

LOTTERER: What was the purpose of this? Really, what was the purpose?

CATERHAM: What a complete cluster---- this team has become since the new owners took over. Suing employees they just fired without any severance pay (which may be illegal under British law), dumping their test drivers, and changing drivers on a whim.

CHILTON: What a joke. First he's out with the most asinine press release and quotes. Then, Max is back in, making said asinine press release and quotes look even more asinine.

ROSSI: His (sugar)daddy's check wasn't bigger than Chilton's (sugar)daddy's check.

MARUSSIA: Don't hide the obvious. Just write "Or Best Offer" next to the cockpit.

POOR TEAMS: We're starting to agree with Bernie. If you can't make it with the (financial) big boys in F1, get the hell out of the sport. You don't belong.

FIA: Once again, the FIA kisses Ferrari's ass.

ECCLESTONE: We are now convinced, absolutely convinced, that Bernie will pay off the Grim Reaper. And he will be successful. We are 100% serious! Bernie is with us forever.


STAT OF THE WEEKEND: 18 -- The minimum age to get a driver's license in the Netherlands, one year older than Verstappen will be when he makes his F1 debut.

HISTORICAL STAT OF THE WEEKEND: This is only the second time an Australian won the Belgian Grand Prix. Jack Brabham won it in 1960 driving a Cooper-Climax at Spa. A Kiwi has only won it once -- Bruce McLaren in 1968 driving a McLaren-Ford, also at Spa.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: Bernie Ecclestone after paying 100 million euro to make the charges go away, "I'm not scared of anything to be honest with you. It never bothered me because I knew I was innocent." Because he knew he had the money...

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND RUNNERUP: Mercedes when Hamilton's tire debris wrapped around Nico Rosberg's antennae, "Okay, who brought the silly string."

SCHEDULE: Usually we only have one week between Spa and Monza. Now we have to wait two weeks. More time for the Mercedes war to be played out in the press.

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  Driver Laps
1. Ricciardo 44
2. Rosberg 44
3. Bottas 44
4. Raikkonen 44
5. Vettel 44
6. Button 44
7. Alonso 44
8. Perez 44
9. Kvyat(R) 44
10. Hulkenberg 44
11. Vergne 44
12. Magnussen(R) 44
13. Massa 44
14. Sutil 44
15. Gutierrez 44
16. Chilton 43
17. Ericsson(R) 43
18. Bianchi 39
NC Hamilton 38
NC Grosjean 33
NC Maldonado 1
NC Lotterer(R) 1

Time of Race

Margin of Victory
3.383 sec.

Safety Car

Lead Changes
5 among 4 drivers

Lap Leaders
Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas

Fastest Race Lap
Nico Rosberg

Pole Position
Nico Rosberg

  Driver Pts.
1. Rosberg 220
2. Hamilton 191
3. Ricciardo 156
4. Alonso 121
5. Bottas 110
6. Vettel 98
7. Hulkenberg 70
8. Button 68
9. Massa 40
10. Raikkonen 39
11. Magnussen(R) 37
12. Perez 33
13. Vergne 11
14. Grosjean 8
  Kvyat(R) 8
16. Bianchi 2

  Team Pts.
1. Mercedes 411
2. Red Bull 254
3. Ferrari 160
4. Williams 150
5. McLaren 105
6. Force India 103
7. Toro Rosso 19
8. Lotus 8
9. Marussia 2

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