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2013 United States Thoughts

THE BIG PICTURE: F1 fans bitched and moaned when the Pirelli tires didn't last and were playing too big a part in the results (but were producing exciting races). Now, F1 fans are bitching and moaning the Pirelli tires are too conservative, and the races are boring procedurals. We're beginning to think F1 fans are the whiniest gits in sports.

EVENT: It's been said the second year of a successful debut event has a big drop off in attendance. Not so for Austin. Though down slightly -- very slightly -- once again all three days were a rousing success (though, large portions of the crowd forsake the grandstands for general admission). Heck, Friday's attendance was larger than just about all the fly away races Sunday attendance!

QUALIFYING: Nothing surprising, including Vettel snatching pole from his teammate with a last ditch effort.

RACE: The first eight laps set the finish.

TRACK: Despite not seeing the huge amounts of passing like last year, Circuit of the Americas is still a great F1 track. Most importantly, the drivers love it.

START: We're going to miss poking fun at Webber's starts...

VETTEL: And the beat goes on.

WEBBER: Mark had the car for second, but that start...

RED BULL: If Adrian Newey is able to create a dominate winner next year with a whole new regulation, then just retire the Constructor's Trophy, and give it to him in perpetuity.

GROSJEAN: Another brilliant race by Romain. Maybe he'll be the next Jody Scheckter -- a wild crasher at first turned into a world champion.

KOVALAINEN: Superb in practice and qualifying as a last minute replacement, but failed in his ultimate job -- to score points in the race.

LOTUS: We sure hope Lotus gets a top quality driver to team with Grosjean next year, because right now, they have the second best car on the grid.

HAMILTON: His American streak ends.

ALONSO: Is there a driver that desperately needs the season to end more so than Fernando? Meanwhile, pulled off a number of great moves with Turns 1-2 being his favorite section of the track.

MASSA: A dismal drive.

FERRARI: Rumors were rampant Ferrari pulled all the strings to handicap Lotus the rest of the season. It wouldn't be the first time Ferrari did not believe in proper sporting competition.

HULKENBERG: Wherever Nico ends up, one thing is for sure. They will get a quality talent.

PEREZ: We wonder if something went on behind the scenes. In our minds, Sergio did well, if inconsistent. And the number of times he outdrove his teammate should be noted. Yet...

MCLAREN: ...the team still felt they were better off hiring a young gun with no F1 experience to help them sort out a car designed to an entirely new regulation. Or...

MAGNUSSEN: McLaren figuring 2014 is a throwaway year until the Honda arrives in 2015, and thus why not see if they can develop a new talent in the interim? Either way, Kevin will be under intense pressure.

BUTTON: Meanwhile, Jenson will have the entire development burden on his shoulders.

BOTTAS: The Finnish fans had a lot to cheer about even without Kimi in the lineup. Some of the most ballsy driving we've seen all year. Just think how dangerous Valtteri will be with a solid car.

MALDONADO: Pastor, can you be anymore of a whiny spoiled brat sore loser? Ever hear of the phrase look within yourself for your troubles? We didn't think so...

GUTIERREZ: Talking about rising to the occasion at your "home" grand prix.

SAUBER: Team Mexico in 2014?

CHILTON: Max broke the record for most consecutive finishes to start a F1 career at 18. The old mark was set by Tiago Monteiro at 16.

SUTIL: Adrian is now competing with his teammate for most luckless driver of 2013.


STAT OF THE WEEKEND: 8 -- and counting...

HISTORICAL STAT OF THE WEEKEND: This is the first win for Red Bull and Renault in America. However, Renault participated in the very first USGP, then called the United States Grand Prize or American Grand Prize in 1908 at Savannah, Georgia. Two cars were entered, driven by American Lewis Strang (finished 6th) and Hungarian Ferenc Szisz (retired with wheel bearing problems).

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: Lewis Hamilton talking about where Austin fits in amongst the great events on the F1 calendar, "I think this has topped Montreal as well."

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND RUNNERUP: Jenson Button on his new -- very young -- teammate for next year, "I know his old man more! I'm closer in age to his father!"

SCHEDULE: Heading into Brazil, Vettel is one short of two records -- most wins in a season and most consecutive victories. This will be Webber's last F1 race. What will Red Bull do?

Copyright 2013 by Deep Throttle. All Rights Reserved.

  Driver Laps
1. Vettel 56
2. Grosjean 56
3. Webber 56
4. Hamilton 56
5. Alonso 56
6. Hulkenberg 56
7. Perez 56
8. Bottas(R) 56
9. Rosberg 56
10. Button 56
11. Ricciardo 56
12. Massa 56
13. Gutierrez(R) 56
14. Kovalainen 56
15. di Resta 56
16. Vergne 56
17. Maldonado 55
18. Bianchi(R) 55
19. van der Garde(R) 55
20. Pic 55
21. Chilton(R) 54
R Sutil 0

Time of Race

Margin of Victory
6.284 sec.

Safety Car
1 for 3 laps

Lead Changes
2 among 2 drivers

Lap Leaders
Sebastian Vettel, Romain Grosjean

Fastest Race Lap
Sebastian Vettel

Pole Position
Sebastian Vettel

  Driver Pts.
1. Vettel 372
2. Alonso 227
3. Hamilton 187
4. Raikkonen 183
5. Webber 181
6. Rosberg 161
7. Grosjean 132
8. Massa 106
9. Button 61
10. di Resta 48
11. Hulkenberg 47
12. Perez 41
13. Sutil 29
14. Ricciardo 19
15. Vergne 13
16. Gutierrez(R) 6
17. Bottas(R) 4
18. Maldonado 1

  Team Pts.
1. Red Bull 553
2. Mercedes 348
3. Ferrari 333
4. Lotus 315
5. McLaren 102
6. Force India 77
7. Sauber 53
8. Toro Rosso 32
9. Williams 5

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