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2013 Monaco Thoughts

THE BIG PICTURE: Just when you thought F1 could not come up with political shenanigans to outdo prior political shenanigans, along comes a "secret" 1000km tire test and team managers' heads are exploding like 4th of July fireworks.

EVENT: Lots of rich people paying zero taxes.

QUALIFYING: Nico Rosberg proved the third time is a charm.

RACE: Two safety cars, one red flag, a slew of pissed off drivers ... yep, typical Monaco.

TRACK: Sure, Rosberg led from start to finish. But, look at all the passing behind him. At Monaco, no less. At Monaco!

START: The impossible happened -- everybody got through Ste. Devote clean, Rosberg nearly blows it but responds strongly, and Hamilton holds off Vettel.

ROSBERG: Nico fulfilled everyone's predictions leading into the weekend with complete domination all three days.

HAMILTON: Apparently, Lewis doesn't know the difference between six seconds and 11 seconds. But, why didn't his team help guide him? It cost them a 1-2 finish.

MERCEDES: Some of the more "enthusiastic" F1 journalists are talking about some sort of ban being possible for Mercedes over the tire test flap. Really?! Do these writers ever think this through? Daimler has often questioned their involvement in the sport. So, why would the FIA "encourage" them to pull out a significant team, leave their engine supplied teams out to lunch, and cause the biggest draw in UK ratings to be without a decent ride? A ban will never happen.

VETTEL: Best Sebastian could hope for, and considering his nearest rivals lost ground, Sebastian has to be very happy.

WEBBER: Hamilton was clearly faster, but it was Mark who got to hang out with Prince Albert II.

RED BULL: It's official -- Red Bull has now officially become the biggest whining cry babies in F1. It's quite a feat to top previous longtime champions, Ferrari, who has the individual whining champion of all champions, Luca di Montezemolo.

SUTIL: A super race for Adrian after nearly blowing it on the first lap going into the hairpin.

BUTTON: Despite once again having his teammate drive him crazy, Jenson ran a strong race where McLaren's woes are not as prominent.

PEREZ: Sergio's nonstop aggressiveness is turning him in to a driver only his Mom and team could love.

ALONSO: Even Fernando couldn't get the Ferrari to work at Monaco.

MASSA: There is no truth to the rumor a concert is being planed next week at Ste. Devote to be called "Felipe's Slamfest."

VERGNE: Jean-Éric suddenly propelled himself back into the conversation for the potential open seat at Red Bull after an excellent drive.

DI RESTA: Considering how his team boned him in qualifying, Paul has to be satisfied with his race performance.

RAIKKONEN: Kimi salvaged a point by going from 13th to 10th in the last two laps at a circuit impossible to pass on.

GROSJEAN: Back to the old Romain.

CHILTON: Hey Max, basic principle of driving -- if there is someone next to you, you can't move over.

MALDONADO: That was a hard hit.

PIRELLI: Will this brouhaha be the straw which gets Pirelli to say screw this, we don't want anything to do with F1 anymore?

FIA: Pirelli says they notified the FIA. Mercedes says they notified the FIA. The FIA says they were never notified. Which of those three entities are you least likely to believe...?

GP2: They had the first turn, first lap pileup.


STAT OF THE WEEKEND: 1000 -- Do we really need to explain?

HISTORICAL STAT OF THE WEEKEND: Much has been said and written about Nico Rosberg completing the first father-son victors at Monaco. It took place 30 years apart. Unlike his son, Keke did not qualify on the pole in 1983. In fact, by Monaco standards, he started way back in fifth. Alain Prost had pole, but wound up third. Nelson Piquet, the eventual world champion that year, finished second.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: More proof Sebastian Vettel never listens to his team. As his team was trying to get him to slow down and not risk second place for the fastest race lap, they explained it means nothing. Whereupon, Vettel responded, "But satisfaction."

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND RUNNERUP: Though not everyone thinks Kimi is blameless in his incident with Perez, that didn't stop Kimi emulating another trait of his hero, James Hunt, "Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

SCHEDULE: Off to Canada. Will new tires be shipped across the pond? If so, how different? Inquiring minds want to know...

Copyright 2013 by Deep Throttle. All Rights Reserved.

  Driver Laps
1. Rosberg 78
2. Vettel 78
3. Webber 78
4. Hamilton 78
5. Sutil 78
6. Button 78
7. Alonso 78
8. Vergne 78
9. di Resta 78
10. Raikkonen 78
11. Hulkenberg 78
12. Bottas(R) 78
13. Gutierrez(R) 78
14. Chilton(R) 78
15. van der Garde(R) 78
16. Perez 72
R Grosjean 63
R Ricciardo 61
R Bianchi(R) 58
R Maldonado 44
R Massa 28
R Pic 7

Time of Race

Margin of Victory
3.888 sec.

Safety Car
2 for 12 laps (one red flag)

Lead Changes

Lap Leaders
Nico Rosberg

Fastest Race Lap
Sebastian Vettel

Pole Position
Nico Rosberg

  Driver Pts.
1. Vettel 107
2. Raikkonen 86
3. Alonso 78
4. Hamilton 62
5. Webber 57
6. Rosberg 47
7. Massa 45
8. di Resta 28
9. Grosjean 26
10. Button 25
11. Sutil 16
12. Perez 12
13. Ricciardo 7
14. Hulkenberg 5
  Vergne 5

  Team Pts.
1. Red Bull 164
2. Ferrari 123
3. Lotus 112
4. Mercedes 109
5. Force India 44
6. McLaren 37
7. Toro Rosso 12
8. Sauber 5

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