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We bring you a unique perspective on racing news. For other types of news, including the more traditional sort, here are a few links. There are various sources for news on racing. We haven't checked out them all out. Of the ones that we have checked out, only a subset have made our recommended list that we rely on consistently to get the latest racing news. The following chart shows the best of each category; they are the ones we go to over and over.

Category Our Choice Comments
Formula One Formula 1 Image

ESPNF1 Image

grandprix Image
A lot of F1 sites exist. Even just the news sites. Here is the official Formula 1 site put out by the Formula One Administration. ESPNF1 is a sister site of the venerable ESPN franchise. is an independent F1 news site which is simple yet effective.
Mustang Mustang Image Many recognize as the best source of Mustang parts online. Their Mustang blog covers a lot of big news stories from the industry. So when Mustang fanatics aren't shopping for their Stang, they stay up to date on all the happenings in the Mustang community with the AmericanMuscle blog. Win a 2017 F-150 Raptor and 850+ HP Mustang.
Sports Car Series IMSA Image

World Challenge Image

WEC Image

Le Mans Image

Sportscar365 Image
The official American sports car series sites for the Tudor United Sports Car Championship and IMSA and the Pirelli World Challenge. The official World Endurance Championship site and one for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, . The best independent site is Sportscar365.
Junior Formula Series For the official junior formula racing sites around the world, go to the American Driver Ranking Links page.
Magazine Autosport Image It's tough to beat Autosport when it comes to racing magazines for complete, in depth, and up to the minute coverage of our sport.
Television FOX Motors Image Formerly the SPEED Channel, FOX has maintained a complete racing news site, called SPEED Motors on FOX.
Independent Image One of the original racing web sites, is still going strong, and thank goodness for that. Contains up to the minute results as well as news bits, press releases, etc. Also, contains a history and results database area.
Community Crapwagaon Image What else is more fun than picking on the IRL? Doing it with other Champ Car fanatics. A very strong community of fans has developed from this site, which is now hosted by
Spanish ATM Image A Formula 1 site devoted to the Spanish speaking racing fans.
World Rally Championship WRC Image

Rally America Image
Perhaps the most exciting racing on the planet today. Here is the official WRC site put out by the FIA. There is also Rally America.
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