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2007 San Jose Thoughts

TRACK: Apparently, the drivers never got the memo about no passing on this track.

RACE: They also missed the memo about needing rain to have an exciting race. It was a thrill to see Bobby D come from 15th place, and at one point, last, to win. Of course, it helps when Bourdais is not running up front...

EVENT: Another successful event by this great team at the San Jose Grand Prix. Lots of races, maybe one or two too many, but how can you fault a team thatís always trying to correct their mistakes and do better the next time?

THE BIG PICTURE: A local cab driver says the new mayor of San Jose is not so much of a race fan, and they still need a title sponsor. That's the downside. The upside is that this is one of the easiest races for an out of towner to attend, and it's obviously fabulous for the local economy. We'll have to wait and see if the contract is renewed or not.

START: The extra space that Tony Cotman put in between the cars really helped make sure the start was smooth on the tightest circuit they've tried them on. These standing starts are now working so well, the IRL will be copying CCWS (again) in no time.

DOORNBOS: We never saw this one coming. Bobby D takes the win in a surprise upset.

CANNON: One more time, Mr. Forsythe, why did you let Michael Cannon go? He may be the best strategist on pit lane.

JANI: Neel came very close to winning, and as a driver, he is getting hot. Watch out for him at Road America.

TRACY: After the problems at the start, Paul was in third and looking like he would have a remarkable finish. We thought wrong.

SERVIA: But, everything came together for Oriol, who we thought would win. Unfortunately, pit issues prevented that.

FORSYTHE: Another screw up. Oh wait, Mr. Forsythe, what was that again about a certain Mr. Cannon...?

POWER: Will drove well, starting 12th, finishing fourth, but it was an unremarkable weekend for him.

PAGENAUD: Ditto for Simon. Drove well, nothing to write home about.

BOURDAIS: Sebastien struggled with his car all weekend, and this is the result. In spite of his surprise last minute provisional pole lap on Friday, he was never really a factor, all weekend.

RAHAL: A stall in the pits derailed a promising start. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

NEWMAN HAAS LANIGAN: As a team, they were less of a factor this weekend than we've ever seen them.

JUNQUEIRA: Is doing more with less than we've ever seen him. Oh, and congratulations on your engagement to Luciana.

DALE COYNE RACING: You gotta wonder how they would do if they had a bigger budget. Coyne has smiled more this year than any other year heís been in the series.

GOMMENDY: You can't say Tristan doesn't have guts.

HEYLEN: Does Jan have a magnet in his car?

DOMINGUEZ: Good to have Mario back.

WILSON: Was fast and brilliant all weekend. Then, he got hit from behind by Clark, ending his chances to win. Then, he went on to set several fast laps. Dan Clarke Voodoo dolls, anyone?

TAGLIANI: Another guy who looked very racy all weekend, made a strong start, and got derailed with a mechanical DNF.

RSPORTS: A real major bummer for them, because they ran two strong entries this weekend and came up with bupkis.

CLARKE: New nicknames are popping up. Dump Dan. Desperate Dan. Forget them all. He is now Dick Dan. There aren't many people left who want him in the series.

MINARDI TEAM USA: They were smart enough to hire Michael Cannon to engineer Doornbos' car but enough in need of fundage to hire Dan Clarke. Please, Mr. Stoddart, there are many more deserving drivers.

LEGGE: Another day, another crash.

FIGGE: Another day, another pair of spins.

MATOS: A well deserved Atlantic championship despite what happened in Toronto. Raphael will be a worthy addition to Champ Car next year.

BOMARITO: So would Jonathan.

SPEED: Scott, come on over to Champ Car where you will be appreciated, the fans will love you, your talent will be properly showcased, and team managers don't sucker punch you from behind (that only happens in F1 and the IRL). Besides, there just might be a pretty good seat available at Minardi...

VICKI O'CONNOR: A well deserved honor to have a female driving scholarship named after her. Vicki has done more for auto racing than just about any man or woman out there, with very little fanfare.


STAT OF THE WEEKEND: Either Bourdais or Power has set the fastest time in ever Friday morning practice session so far this season.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: Justin Wilson on Dan Clarke's rear ender, "I can't believe that happened. I've never seen or experienced anything so stupid in my career."

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND RUNNERUP: Robert Doornbos on nearly being hit by his own teammate, Dan Clarke, "I don't know what he was thinking. I sort of saw him fly by on the inside. I think he just went in with a new nose and within 10 seconds he managed to take it off again."

SCHEDULE: Once again, the series goes from the ultra-tight confines of San Jose to the WFO Road America.

Copyright © 2007 by Deep Throttle. All Rights Reserved.

Courtesy of the Champ Car World Series

  Driver Laps
1. Doornbos(R) 107
2. Jani(R) 107
3. Servia 107
4. Power 107
5. Bourdais 107
6. Rahal(R) 107
7. Junqueira 107
8. Gommendy(R) 107
9. Heylen 107
10. Pagenaud(R) 107
11. Tracy 105
12. Dominguez 104
13. Wilson 87
14. Figge(R) 84
15. Tagliani 83
16. Legge 13
17. Clarke 6

Time of Race

Winner's Speed
88.123 mph

Margin of Victory
6.145 sec.

Caution Flags
5 for 22 laps

Lead Changes
9 among 5 drivers

Lap Leaders
Oriol Servia, Neel Jani, Robert Doornbos, Justin Wilson, Alex Tagliani

Fastest Race Lap
Justin Wilson

Most Positions Improved
Robert Doornbos

Friday Pole
Sebastien Bourdais

Saturday Pole
Justin Wilson

  Driver Pts.
1. Bourdais 216
2. Doornbos(R) 206
3. Power 192
4. Wilson 175
5. Jani(R) 156
6. Pagenaud(R) 154
7. Servia 146
8. Rahal(R) 145
9. Tagliani 140
10. Junqueira 125
11. Tracy 113
12. Dalziel(R) 95
  Gommendy(R) 95
14. Clarke 83
15. Legge 71
16. Figge(R) 57
17. Heylen 50
18. Dominguez 49
19. Halliday(R) 18
20. Moreno 9
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