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Left: The Locomobile Type 1906, "Old 16", driven by George Robertson on its way to winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island.

Center: Action during the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup event at Santa Monica with William Bolden (#12) leading Omar Toft.

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Book Review: Driven by Desire - The Desiré Wilson Story
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Book Review: Book Review: Motor Racing at Nassau in the 1950s & 1960s (Those were the days...)
Book Review: A Checkered Past - Al Unser, Jr.
Book Review: Caesars Palace Grand Prix - Las Vegas, Organized Crime and the Pinnacle of Motorsport
Book Review: Fiat in Motorsport Since 1899
Book Review: Survival of the Fastest
Book Review: Racing with Rich Energy - How a Rogue Sponsor Took Formula One for a Ride
Book Review: Driven to Crime - True Stories of Wrongdoing in Motor Racing
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