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1967 Canadian Grand Prix Thumbnails

These photos come courtesy of . They are not from a vintage event nor a reenactment. They were taken at the 1967 Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport which Fred Young attended. We wish to thank Fred Young for allowing us to share these amazing photos with all of you. We also have an article on the first Canadian Grand Prix.

Click on the thumbnail to view a full size image. Be patient, as some larger images may take a little while to load.

Action On The Track

Jack Brabham In Action Thumbnail
Jack Brabham
Dennis Hulme In Action Thumbnail
Denis Hulme
Bruce McLaren In Action Thumbnail
Bruce McLaren
Jim Clark In Action Thumbnail
Jim Clark
Mike Fisher In Action Thumbnail
Mike Fisher

The Start

Long View of Start Thumbnail
Cars Line Up
Closeup of Start Thumbnail
The Start
Car In Pits Thumbnail
Car In Pits

Close Ups

Dan Gurney Standing By Car Thumbnail
Dan Gurney
Lotus In Paddock Thumbnail
Chris Amon's Ferrari Thumbnail


Paddock Tent for BRM Team Thumbnail
BRM Team
BRM Engine Thumbnail
BRM Engine
Maserati Engine Thumbnail
Maserati Engine
Cockpit of Jim Clark's Lotus Thumbnail
Lotus Cockpit

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