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Previous Featured Questions

Here are previous Featured Questions. Select the respective question to see how your fellow fans responded.

MARCH, 1999
The CART schedule is now up to 20 races with rumors of more to be added in the near future. Do you feel that the rapid expansion of the schedule will cause competitiveness to decrease as the crews and drivers get overworked and possibly burnt out?
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APRIL, 1999

If Alex Zanardi fails in his Formula One bid, will that cause irreparable damage to CART's reputation in the worldwide racing community despite Jacques Villeneuve's success? Will it hurt others who seek F1 aspirations?
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MAY, 1999

CART considers a Brazilian race to be very important for the continued growth of the sport. Brazil is supposed to have a great following for CART. Yet, for three years, no matter what is tried and how many excuses are made, the Rio race has been a failure both attendance wise and financially. The previous promoters "skipped town," and CART had to bail the race out at the last minute. With Emerson Fittipaldi in charge, it may get better. But, is this the last chance for Rio? Should CART dump Rio once and for all?
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JUNE, 1999

Should CART once and for all take their gloves off and go after the IRL full steam? Forget any reconciliation talks and treat this like an all out war such as putting on a major event Memorial Day weekend, perhaps finding another major network to back this effort, etc.? Or, should they continue to try to mend fences with IMS?
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JULY, 1999

Andrew Craig has come under fire for some of his moves and decisions in the previous few years. Not the least of which was the role he may or may not have played in the loss of the Cleveland race. However, if the owners were really disappointed with him, they would have replaced him. Do you think Andrew Craig has been good or bad overall for CART during his tenure?
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AUGUST, 1999

It has just been announced that PJ Jones will be replaced at Patrick Racing. Was Patrick fair to Jones in light of PJ having to deal with a Swift chassis that had given others headaches and that his teammate is not driving the same chassis and thus cannot help with feedback, or did Jones fail to live up to his expectations and should have been let go?
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An essay has just been posted on Deep Throttle that says CART should race at Indy. Do you agree or disagree with this position? Will it be more beneficial to CART or the IRL if this happens? Could it actually spell the end of CART or the IRL?
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After the tragedy at Fontana, many people have been searching for the reasons behind it. And there have been a lot of facets of the situation that have been mentioned. One of which is the Handford Device and the possibility that it causes the cars to be too loose at such high speeds on the superspeedways. In retrospect, is the Handford Device more trouble, safety wise, than it is worth? Or, is it being wrongly used as a scapegoat?
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Now that we have left the 1900's and entered the 2000's (we'll leave the debate about when the decade/century/millennium ends/starts for other web sites), let's play a fantasy. What is the one thing you would like to see in racing in the future?
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MAY, 2000

What do you think Gerald Forsythe is up to buying large quantities of CART stock? And as a side question, what was the real reason Forsythe parked his satellite team for this season?
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A multipart question. Now that CART has announced a ban on all in-season testing, is this really good for the sport? Will it raise DNF's as teams are not quite prepared for races? Will the four hours of practice the first day make up for it? Do you, the fan, really want to see just one qualifying session on the road/street circuits? And will this hurt up and coming drivers trying to find a ride once the season starts because they can no longer show their stuff during testing? Will this better the racing because the teams will devote all their energies towards the race weekend and not be tired out by all the testing? Will we get to see more races added this way?
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In Deep Throttle's Postseason Thoughts, it was mentioned that perhaps one of the reasons for waning TV ratings is that there are too many races, and the casual fan, not able to keep up, instead throws his hands up and gives up trying to follow the sport. Do you agree or disagree that a too long season hurts CART trying to attract/retain new fans because of this saturation theory?
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