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Top Ten DVDs

To ease your Holiday shopping needs, here are our top ten selections for racing DVDs, listed in alphabetical order by title. This list will remain virtually the same from year to year, as it will always have the best racing movies/documentaries made, which isn't going to change much. If nothing here grabs your fancy, use the search box at the bottom. When you're done here, see our other Top Ten Shopping Lists.

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Big Wheel DVD
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The Big Wheel
Starring Mickey Rooney, Thomas Mitchell, Mary Hatcher
Mickey Rooney plays Billy Coy, a determined race car driver following in father's footsteps despite dad's death on track. The best part of this movie is actual race footage from the Indy 500, circa 1949. Black and White. 92 minutes.
Fast Women DVD
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Fast Women - Ladies of Auto Racing
Possibly the best racing documentatary ever made, winner of the Sapphire Halo Award Best Documentary at the Angelciti Chicago Film Festival and Best Sports Documentary in the NY Independent Film & Video Festival. Explores the history and many achievements of women in auto racing. Thrilling footage from both historic and current races, and interviews with racing's most prominent women and men reveal just how far women have come in the field. Hear the touching tale of driver Kimberly Myers, a woman who races against her own clock and Cystic Fibrosis, as well as other pioneers of women's racing. 2004. Color, Black and White. 88 minutes.
Ford v Ferrari DVD
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Ford v Ferrari
Starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale
It was an international corporate battle for the ages with Le Mans as the playing field. America vs. Europe. Brute force vs. sexiness. Carroll Shelby vs. Enzo Ferrari. Pride. Egos. And a whole lot of money on the line. This movie expertly depicts the events with superb realistic period racing. It even garnered a Best Picture Oscar nomination. A must see for all racing fans. 2019. Color. 152 minutes.
Grand Prix DVD
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Grand Prix (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Starring James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand.
Director by John Frankenheimer

It's been over 40 years, and there still hasn't been a racing movie like Grand Prix. Others have come close, but none have matched the amazing photography, action scenes, special effects, and realism. Okay, so the plot isn't very strong. But come on, you're a racing fan. You don't watch this movie for the plot! You watch it for the amazing footage. 1966. Color. 176 minutes.
Heart Like a Wheel DVD
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Heart Like a Wheel
Starring Bonnie Bedelia and Beau Bridges
This film didn't garner the attention it should have, but it was just as good as Coal Miner's Daughter, another story about a woman done good against all odds. In this case, it was Shirley Muldowney trying to make it in the man's world of drag racing while also fighting to break free from her husband's control. 1983. Color. 113 minutes.
Le Mans DVD
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Le Mans
Starring Steve McQueen
Considered the greatest racing film ever. How can it not be when there is hardly any dialogue, just racing, racing, and more racing action. Absolutely superb racing and in-car footage. As the original marketing campaign said, "Take a Sunday drive through the French countryside." Indeed! 1971. Color. 108 minutes.
C'etait un Rendezvous 2013 DVD
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C'etait un Rendezvous 2013
Directed by Claude Lelouch
Why would you spend this much money on a tape that only lasts nine minutes? Simple. Because it is the greatest nine minutes you will ever view on a videotape, and you'll be holding your breath the whole time. Guaranteed. As close to an outlaw tape you'll ever see, Lelouch straps a camera on the top of his Mercedes (with Ferrari engine sounds dubbed over) and zooms through downtown Paris ignoring all speeding and traffic laws without ever informing the populace or the law. You'll be playing it over and over again. This 2013 version has been remastered and re-released in HD. Color. 9 minutes.
Rush DVD
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Starring Chris Helmsworth, Daniel Bruhl
Directed by Ron Howard
An instant classic amongst racing fans which any sports fan will enjoy. Ron Howard superbly captures the personalities, danger, times, and thrills of one of the greatest Formula 1 seasons in history and one of the most talked about sports rivalries in history -- the 1976 battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda for the World Driving Championship. 2013. Color. 246 minutes.
Super Speedway DVD
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Super Speedway: The Mach II Special Edition (IMAX)
Narrated by Paul Newman, featuring the Andretti's and the Newman-Haas team
It might be impossible to get the full effect of the original IMAX showing onto the small screen, but that doesn't mean you should bypass this video. The amazing in-car footage is still worth seeing on any medium, as well as the behind the scenes action of a Champ Car being built from scratch. Worse comes to worse, bring beer over to your friend's house who has the large screen TV. This release consists of two DVDs, including The Making of Super Speedway and bonus racing footage. 1997. Color. 50 minutes.
Winning DVD
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Starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Robert Wagner
It's been 30 years since this movie was released and spawned the real life racing career of Paul Newman. Here, Newman's character, Frank Capua, receives congratulations for winning the 1968 Indy 500 from the actual winner, Bobby Unser. Relive a time when the Indy 500 meant something. 1969. Color. 123 minutes.

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