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Top Ten Books For Kids

To ease your Holiday shopping needs, here are our top ten selections for books for the young racing fan, listed in age order from preschool to teen. If nothing here grabs your fancy, use the search box at the bottom. When you're done here, see our other Top Ten Shopping Lists.

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Tommy Saal's ABC of Auto Racing History Book
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Tommy Saal's ABC of Auto Racing History for Little AND Big Boys & Girls
by Tommy Saal
High-energy designs, exciting photos, and fun text bring Formula One race cars to life for little kids and explains how they are built, who works on them, and how they drive. Hardbound, 90 pages. Ages: 3-30.
Jimmy Sideways Book
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Jimmy Sideways (The Fastest Race Car Ever!)
by Kurt Zimmerman
Have you ever messed up? Jimmy Sideways (The fastest Race Car Ever!) is a fun story about friendship, competition, and learning respect for others. Colorful illustrations punctuate the story about Jimmy Sideways, a talented race car with a bad habit. Your little reader will identify with Jimmy if they have ever made mistakes while learning a new skill. This book is the perfect length for a quick bedtime story, and teaches a powerful lesson for children and adults alike. Kindle, 11 pages. Ages: 3-5.
Speed Book
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by Nathan Clement
Rows of stock cars are lined up on the track. The loudspeakers blare: "Ladies and gentlemen, start—your—engines!" There’s a sudden rumble of motors as the cars follow the pace car around the track: one lap, two laps, three. Then the green flag rips across the sky and—vroom!—the race is on! Hardbound, 11-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches, 32 pages. Ages: 5 and up.
Build Your Own Cars Sticker Book Book
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Build Your Own Cars Sticker Book
by Simon Tudhope
Each supercar in this colourful sticker book needs its wheels, headlights, trim and other details added. All are available as stickers at the back of the book so that children can complete a rally car, a Le Mans car, a Pro Mod racer, an SUV and many more. Softbound, 9 x 11-3/4 inches, 23 pages. Ages: 6 and up.
Auto Racing: Math at the Racetrack Book
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Auto Racing: Math at the Racetrack
by Tom Robinson
Discover how math applies to the auto racing world, from the distance around the track to the calculation of drivers' stats. Hardbound, 8-1/4 x 9-3/4 inches, 32 pages. Ages: 7-12.
Science at Work in Auto Racing Book
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Science at Work in Auto Racing
by Richard Hantula
Readers learn how scientific principles are used in the sport of auto racing. Explains how the laws of science, especially physics, are at work in auto racing. Hardbound, 6 x 9 inches, 32 pages. Ages: 8 and up.
Final Lap! Go-Kart Racing Book
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Final Lap! Go-Kart Racing
by Christine Dugan
Do you feel the need for speed? A go-kart is a fun and thrilling way to hit the road. People young and old can enjoy the go-kart experience. Designing and building a kart on your own makes this hobby even more exciting. Softbound, 5 x 7-3/4 inches, 48 pages. Ages: 9-15.
Speedway Summer Book
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Speedway Summer
by Larry E Mellott
Experience the excitement of motor sports as young Brent Lockeman enters the fast world of Kart racing. Hear the engines whine, smell the tires burn and live the 'on-track' action of jolts and spins. Learn about dedication, determination and most of all, sportsmanship. Kart and sports car racer, Larry Mellott, puts you in the driver's seat in this young adult racing novel. Softbound, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches, 198 pages. Ages: 11-15.
Colin Chapman: The comic-strip biography Book
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Colin Chapman: The comic-strip biography
by Denis Bernard
Colin Chapman – legendary racing car designer, founder of Lotus, one of the true greats of motorsport – has been the subject of several biographies but this new one is really special. Endorsed by his family and with a foreword by his son Clive, this all-color hardcover tells Chapman’s story in comic-strip form. Hardbound, 9 x 12 inches, 144 pages. Ages: All
The Karting Manual Book
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The Karting Manual
by Joao Diniz Sanches
In recent years, karting has grown significantly as an accessible, affordable introduction to motorsport with the emergence of indoor karting tracks and many first-time karters are sufficiently stirred by the experience to want to progress further. Now in its second edition, this comprehensive practical book covers all the fundamentals of kart racing, catering for the complete novice yet sufficiently detailed to benefit those racing at club level. Hardbound, 8-3/4 x 11-1/4 inches, 176 pages. Ages: All.

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