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[NOTE: This race fact sheet was used during the CART/Champ Car years. They have not been updated since then. However, we left them up for the historical information.]

Rio de Janeiro

Track: Emerson Fittipaldi Speedway at Nelson Piquet Raceway
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Type: 1.864-mile oval (roval course).

Lap Record (up to 2000)
Christian Fittipaldi (1999) - 38.565 (174.002 mph).

Race Record (up to 2000)
Juan Montoya (1999) - 1:36:32.233 (128.120 mph -- Greg Moore's 1998 speed (132.531 mph) was higher but the race was longer due to more laps run that year).

Past Race Winners
Year Driver Laps Miles Time Speed
1996 Andre Ribeiro 133 247.912 2:06:08.100 117.927
1997 Paul Tracy 133 247.912 2:10:47.996 113.721
1998 Greg Moore 133 247.912 1:52:14:135 132.531
1999 Juan Montoya 108 201.312 1:36:32.233 125.120
2000 Adrian Fernandez 108 201.312 1:37:12.490 124.256

Other South American Venues and Results

Rafaela, Argentina - 2.874-mile Paved Oval
Year Driver Laps Miles Time Speed
1971 Al Unser, Sr. 53 152.322 54:46.53 166.909
1971 Al Unser, Sr. 53 152.322 1:01:26.10 148.816

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The Track

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Brazil Bits

1971: First championship race in the Southern Hemisphere. Race run in two heats. Lloyd Ruby finished second in both heats and had the pole in the first race. 1998: Greg Moore makes a daring outside pass on Alex Zanardi for the lead with five laps to go. 2000: Michael Andretti fined amount of points and purse due to pit infraction -- contact with pit crew member.
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