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Christmas Present For CART -- Their Last Chance

Santa Clause brought CART a very special gift this holiday season. It came a little early, but it's so special, nobody is complaining that the gift wrapping came off before Christmas.

Santa Claus brought CART their last chance. Oh, his name may be Chris Pook, but it's really CART's last hope.

Make no mistake about it. If Chris Pook can't get it done, or if the owners don't allow him to get it done, CART is finished. Kaput. Done.

There were other items on Santa's list for the CART community. We don't know if everybody got what they asked for, because unlike Santa Claus, Deep Throttle cannot make the chimney rounds. But we did get a peek at that list. Here they are in alphabetical order.

ANDRETTI: An Indy 500 win and another CART championship. Mikey is allowed to ask for two things.

BELL: The Jim Trueman trophy.

BLAIR: A partner that lasts a whole year.

BRACK: A road course victory.

CARPENTIER and TAGLIANI: Competitiveness in the beginning of the season.

CASTRONEVES: A fence company.

COYNE: Money.

DA MATTA: A win in the middle of the season.

DE FERRAN: Happiness in the minor leagues.

DENVER: A profit.

DIXON: A rabbit's foot to ward off the sophomore jinx.

FANS: Speedvision (or soon to be Speed Channel) on their cable lineup or a satellite dish to pick it up.

FERNANDEZ: More driving, less owning.

FITTIPALDI: To be better than his teammate, for once.

FORD: A 2003 CART engine.

FRANCHITTI: Keeping the fire amidst marital bliss.

GANASSI: His ego back.

GIDLEY: A full time ride early enough for complete preseason testing. Come on Santa, that's not asking too much.

HEITZLER: A [truthful] resume.

HERTA: One last chance.

JUNQUEIRA: A personality.

KANAAN: Consistency.

KNEIFEL: Tracy's retirement.

MONTERREY and MEXICO CITY: Grandstands. Lots of them!

MONTREAL: A better race than F1.

MORENO: A crate of tissues.

MOTEGI: A four lane highway.

NAKANO: A breakthrough.

PAPIS: A ride without a teammate.

PATRICK: One last title before retirement.

PENSKE: Integrity.

POOK: Team owners staying the hell out of the way, letting Chris do his job.

RAHAL: Niki Lauda's head.

RIO: A new mayor.

ROAD AMERICA: A drainage system.

SERVIA: A good team.


TAKAGI: Fenders.

TECATE: More Tecate girls. Can never have enough Tecate girls.

TRACY: A brain.

VASSER: Another championship run.

ZANARDI: Continued spirit.

Copyright 2001 by Deep Throttle. All Rights Reserved.

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