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Keeping It Off the Wall
by Ed Donath

A Myth Is As Good As A Smile

Myth: Ed Donath is as old as dirt.

Fact: The subject of this myth was born in Brooklyn, NY on 1/13/49.

Myth Status: FALSE

(Ed Donath is older.)


Myth: a) Ed Donath is Greek b) Ed Donath is Egyptian.

Fact: The subject of this myth recently moved from Athens, NY to Cairo, NY. Both locations have appeared in the opening lines of his rants.

Myth Status: a) FALSE b) FALSE

(Ed Donath is an East European-American.)


Myth: Ed Donath is a wannabe Champ Car racer

Fact: While the subject of this myth has no open-wheel racing experience and hasn't raced anything but state troopers and railroad crossing gates since 1995, he has had 15 years of autocross and sports car racing experience, primarily in showroom stock vehicles. Additionally, since the creation of CART in 1979, the subject has attended scores of Indy and Champ Car races both as a ticket-buying fan and as a media credential holder. More recently, the subject worked with General Motors as a Manual Transmission Development Driver.

Myth Status: FALSE

(Ed Donath is a wannabe Champ Car CEO.)


Myth: Ed Donath makes money writing his Internet commentaries.

Fact: The subject of this myth has never earned a dime writing for any website (his "cyber-employers" include,, and Furthermore, when all of the income Ed has ever received writing freelance pieces for National Speed Sport News and the defunct CHAMPCAR are factored-in, Ed's lifetime Champ Car-related earnings total is well below the poverty level for a year, let alone a lifetime.

Myth Status: FALSE

(Ed Donath earns his living as a Certified Internet Sales Manager at a Cadillac Buick Pontiac GMC dealership and sidelines as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist and web designer.)


Myth: Ed Donath has coined many regularly used Champ Car terms.

Fact: The subject of this myth has been accused of "coined phrase overuse" in his writings. Nonetheless, Donath nomenclature includes:

  • the inheritor, f-inheritor, the splitter, Inferior Racing League
  • P2P
  • shill literati
  • fontostic, 'king polateeshuns
  • Uncle Joe, Grandpa Chris
  • Cap'n Kangaroo
  • Mario Worst Case Scenario
  • The French Horn
  • The Forsythe Saga
  • a boy named sue

Myth Status: TRUE

(How colorless would the language of our beloved speed sport be without the input of this renegade scribe?)


Myth: Ed Donath, after being blacklisted by former CART CEO Joe Heitzler, was offered an Indy 500 hard card.

Fact: The subject of this myth has never been tempted to compromise his pledge that: "I will never attend or support, in any manner, any enterprise from which the Speedway inheritor might derive even a penny's worth of profit. That includes not allowing his telecasts to play on my TV because I wouldn't want to be caught in an embarrassing lie if a ratings company ever called after I accidentally fell asleep while channel surfing."

Myth Status: TRUE

(However, since Heitzler's ouster the subject's ability to acquire CCWS media credentials has been restored.)


Myth: Ed Donath is among the Champ Car Company's staunchest critics.

Fact: The subject of this myth has been critical of every series CEO and co-owner and has frequently predicted -- quite accurately -- that dire consequences would result from their stupidity, carelessness, inaction, or malfeasance.

Myth Status: TRUE

(But Ed Donath has also been one of Champ Car racing's staunchest fans.)


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Copyright © 2008 by Ed Donath and Deep Throttle. All Rights Reserved.

Ed Donath Archive

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