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Keeping It Off the Wall
by Ed Donath

Life Imitates Paco

Cairo, NY—Remember that Saturday Night Live bit in which Bill Murray played a Hispanic TV game show host who asked questions like: ¿Quién es más macho? ¿Fernando Lamas o Ricardo Mantalban?

Bad Spanish accents of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players aside, the funniest part of the skit was that there were no flat-out correct answers to Paco's perceptual questions. But watching the contestants struggle over which of the celebrities were deemed más macho by the show's producers made for some crazy ground breaking laughs.

In today's reality, if there is any truth to recent reports from both the political and racing press, decision making is about to get a lot more difficult for the American voter and for fans of our beloved speed sport.

¿Quién es más conservativo? ¿Hillary Clinton o John McCain?

¿Quién es más incompetente? ¿Kevin Kalkhoven, Geraldo Forsythe o el heredero del Carretera de Motor de Indianapolis?

In English, it all boils down to this sad-but-simple question: Which is the lesser of two evils?

Shortly after Mitt Romney opted out I heard a brief, obvious analysis by a radio talk show host of why the more liberal candidate, Senator McCain, had outpolled Romney in Super Tuesday's Republican primaries.

The talker's simple answer was that as many as five million conservative Republicans -- enough to make the race a lot closer or even to tip the scale to Romney's side -- simply chose not to vote. Neither candidate had captured their imaginations so why would they bother to choose the lesser of two evils at this stage of the game?

What's wrong with the execution of that kind of logic is that the end doesn't justify the means. Instead of action that might have kept the lesser of two evils in the running, Republicans are now left with only one choice -- the most watered-down version of a conservative candidate imaginable.

Conservative hardliners like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have threatened to vote for Senator Clinton rather than Senator McCain should she capture the Democrat Party nomination. But, despite conservatives' strong pre-primary feelings about McCain, they failed nonetheless to coalesce and support the lesser of two evils.

In open-wheel racing's voting booth, each of us has already chosen the series that we would continue to support. If your vote was cast for the Champ Car World Series, even if that was your choice because you perceived it to be the lesser of two evils, the reason to continue supporting it exclusively remains the same.

Therefore, it would make about as much sense for you to support a politically correct version of unification as it does for Rush Limbaugh to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Ed Donath Archive

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