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Watkins Glen Grand American, 2003 Thumbnails

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Winning Daytona Prototype in Action Thumbnail
Winning GT Class Porsche in Action Thumbnail
GT Power
Winning DP and GT Cars Racing Thumbnail
Two Winners
Winning GTS Class Mustang in Action Thumbnail
GTS Winner
Winning SRPII BMW in Action Thumbnail
Way Back Winner
Winning Grand Sport Class Porsche in Action Thumbnail
Grand Am Cup Winner

Also Rans

Front Row Races To The First Turn Thumbnail
Front Row Start
Two Cars Waiting In Pitlane to Start Thumbnail
Starting From Pitlane
Toyota Powered Daytona Prototype in Action Thumbnail
Toyota Power
GT Ferrari 360GT in Action Thumbnail
Prancing Horse
GTS Corvette in Action Thumbnail
GT Porsche from GS I Class in Action Thumbnail
Outclassed But Not Outgunned

Pit Lane

Crewman Polishing Wheel Thumbnail
Nice Shine
Final Preparations on Daytona Prototype Thumbnail
Final Prep
Fuel Rig and Timing Stand Thumbnail
Fuel and Timing Stand
Fuel Nozzle Thumbnail
Fuel Nozzle
Pit Stop Action Thumbnail
Controlled Chaos
Tribute Thumbnail
Remembering A Friend

The Track

Turn 1 at Watkins Glen Thumbnail
Turn 1
The Esses at Watkins Glen Thumbnail
The Esses
Inner Loop at Watkins Glen Thumbnail
Inner Loop
Turns 8 and 9 at Watkins Glen Thumbnail
Turns 8 and 9
Victory Circle at Watkins Glen Thumbnail
Victory Circle

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