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Watkins Glen Grand American "Six Hours of the Glen"
2000 Thumbnails

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Getting Ready

Driver Change Thumbnail
Practicing Driver Changes
Adjusting Seat Thumbnail
Getting The Seat Right
Engine Change Scramble Thumbnail


Lola SR Rear Thumbnail
Lola's Rear
Porsche-Lola SR Engine Thumbnail
Porsche's Big Engine
SR Nosepiece Thumbnail

Other Classes

SRII Mazda Thumbnail
SRII Mazda
GTO Porsche Thumbnail
GTO Porsche
GTU Porsche Thumbnail
GTU Porsche
AGT Camaro Thumbnail
AGT Camaro

The Glen

Turn 1 View Thumbnail
Turn One
Entering The Boot Thumbnail
Into The Boot
Exiting The Ankle Thumbnail
Down The Hill
The Toe Thumbnail
The Toe
Destroyed Foam Blocks Thumbnail
Shattered Foam

F2000 Up Close

F2000 Grid Thumbnail
On The Grid
F2000 Side View Thumbnail
The Side
F2000 Rear View
The Rear

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Photos taken with a KODAK DC265 Zoom Digital Camera Camera.

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