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Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival - The Race Cars, 1999 Thumbnails

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Heritage of the Glen

1949 Ardent Front View Thumbnail
"The Ardent Alligator" ...
1949 Ardent Rear View Thumbnail
... 1949 Winner
Jim Clark Marker Thumbnail
Jim Clark Marker
Dan Gurney Marker Thumbnail
Dan Gurney Marker

1940's - 1950's

Parade Lap Thumbnail
The Parade Lap
1947 Allard Thumbnail
1947 Allard
1951 Jaguar Engine Thumbnail
1951 Jaguar Engine
1958 Lotus 15 Thumbnail
1958 Lotus 15
1959 Triumph TR3 Thumbnail
1959 Triumph TR3


1962 Lotus 7 Thumbnail
1962 Lotus 7
1963 McKee Chevrolet Thumbnail
1963 McKee Chevrolet
Mini w/windup key Thumbnail
Wind Her Up!
1965 Porsche Carrera GTS Thumbnail
1965 Porsche Carrera GTS
1965 Anderson Special Mark II Thumbnail
1965 Anderson Special Mark II

1980's - 1990's and Miscellenous

IMSA GTU Porsche Thumbnail
IMSA GTU Porsche
1985 Fabcar Porsche Camel Light Thumbnail
1985 Fabcar Porsche Camel Light
1991 Porsche 962C Thumbnail
1991 Porsche 962C
1959-60 Sprint Car Thumbnail
1959-60 Sprint Car
Formcar Formula Vee Thumbnail
Formcar Formula Vee

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