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Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival 2000 Thumbnails

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The Reenactment

Starting Grid in B&W Thumbnail
The Starting Grid in B&W
The Green Flag Thumbnail
The Green Flag
Off The Line Antique Thumbnail
Time Machine

Doing It On The Streets

Sports Cars Coming Down The Hill Thumbnail
Down The Hill
Sports Cars On The Main Straight Thumbnail
Main Street
GTP Leading Modern Sports Cars Thumbnail
Just Imagine
GTP on Streets of Yesteryear Thumbnail
New Meets Old
GTP Heading Right At You Thumbnail
Coming At You!

Cars of Watkins Glen

Ardent Alligator In Action Thumbnail
Ardent Alligator
1950 Allard J2 Side View Thumbnail
1950 Allard J2 Side View
1950 Allard J2 Front View Thumbnail
1950 Allard J2 Front View
Sir Jack Brabham Thumbnail
Sir Jack

MG, The First Sports Cars

1946 MGTC Thumbnail
1946 MGTC
1949 MGTC Thumbnail
1949 MGTC
1953 MGTD w/Picnic Basket Thumbnail
Going On A Picnic
1960 MGA 1600 Thumbnail
1960 MGA 1600

The Brits

1950 HRG 1500 Thumbnail
1950 HRG 1500
Jaguar XKC 034 Thumbnail
Jaguar XKC 034
1962 Lotus 7 Thumbnail
1962 Lotus 7
1965 Lotus Elan Thumbnail
1965 Lotus Elan

Other Racing Cars

McKee USRRC Sports Racer Thumbnail
McKee USRRC Sports Racer
1967 Ginetta G4 Thumbnail
1967 Ginetta G4
Datsun F Production Thumbnail
Datsun F Production


Ardent Alligator Engine Thumbnail
Ardent Alligator Engine
Lincoln in an Allard Thumbnail
Lincoln in an Allard
Offenhauser in an Allard Thumbnail
Offenhauser in an Allard
Jaguar XKC Engine Thumbnail
Jaguar XKC Engine
Lotus 7 Engine Thumbnail
Lotus 7 Engine

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