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Vancouver, 2003 Thumbnails

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Three Canadian Drivers Thumbnail
Player's Trio
Paul Tracy Portrait Thumbnail
Center Of The Storm
Patrick Carpentier w/Strange Look Thumbnail
Let Me Think
Patrick Carpentier w/Family Thumbnail
Family Man
Patrick Carpentier's Car In Pits Thumbnail
Knocked Out
Alex Tagliani's Car In Pits Thumbnail
Bad Luck, Again

Non Canadians

Tommy Kendall Interviewing Michel Jourdain Thumbnail
Darren Manning Portrait Thumbnail
Happy Bloke
Michel Jourdain's Car In Pits Thumbnail
All Ready
Bruno Junqueira's Car In Pits Thumbnail
Another Second
Adrian Fernandez Talking To Someone Thumbnail
Dual Role

Non Drivers

Brazil Fans In Vehicle Thumbnail
Party Animals
Chris Pook Talking To Someone Thumbnail
Crunch Time
Stefan Johansson Laughing Thumbnail
Happy Stefan
Molson Indy Vancouver Sign Thumbnail
Are Vancouver's Days Numbered?

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