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Toronto Support Races, 2006 Thumbnails

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First Time Atlantic Winner

Robbie Pecorari Getting Ready Thumbnail
Robbie Pecorari Leading Ryan Lewis and Danilo Dirani Thumbnail
Grabbing The Lead
Robbie Pecorari in Action Thumbnail
Cruising To Victory
Robbie Pecorari Holding Trophy on Podium Thumbnail
North American Streak Continues
Robbie Pecorari Getting Champagne Poured on Him Thumbnail
Winner's Shower

First Lap Atlantic Victims

Crew Working On Damaged Andreas Wirth Car Thumbnail
Contender Suffers
Andreas Wirth Standing by Damaged Car Thumbnail
Unhappy Onlooker
Crew Working On Damaged Tom Bridgman Car Thumbnail
Fruitless Effort
Damaged Part Next to Carlos Mastretta Car Thumbnail
Bent Parts
Graham Rahal in Action Thumbnail
Speared ... Again
Steve Ott in Action Thumbnail
The Instigator

Atlantic Front Runners

Jonathan Bomarito Leading Simon Pagenaud Thumbnail
Runner Up
Ryan Lewis Getting Crossed Up Thumbnail
Simon Pagenaud Leading James Hinchcliffe Thumbnail
Points Leader
Alex Barron Leading Joe D'Agostino Thumbnail
Better Results
James Hinchcliffe in Action Thumbnail
No Repeat
Joe D'Agostino Leading Leonardo Maia Thumbnail
Intense Fight

Miscellaneous Atlantic

Standing Start Thumbnail
They're Off!
Raphael Matos Front Wing Knocked Askew Thumbnail
Early Indicator
David Martinez in Action Thumbnail
Money Problems
Danilo Dirani Leading Jonathan Bomarito Thumbnail
Busy Race
Richard Philippe Relaxing Before Race Thumbnail
Brandi Latimore w/3 Minutes Sign Thumbnail
Sign Girl

Formula Ford 2000

JR Hildebrand in Action Thumbnail
New Streak Started
Dane Cameron in Action Thumbnail
Bridesmaid Again ... Twice
Ricardo Vassmer in Action Thumbnail
Two Thirds
Noah Bystrom in Action Thumbnail
Twice Off The Podium
Seth Ravndal in Action Thumbnail
Gold Cup Winner
FF2000 Cars Lined Up Thumbnail
The Lineup

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