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Toronto Support Races, 2005 Thumbnails

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Historic Trans-Am Win

Paul Gentilozzi in Car Thumbnail
Paul Gentilozzi in Action Thumbnail
Going For The Win
Paul Gentilozzi Taking The Checkered Flags Thumbnail
30th Checkers!
Greg Pickett Congratulating Paul Gentilozzi By Car Thumbnail
Hearty Congratulations
Greg Pickett Pouring Champagne on Paul Gentilozzi Thumbnail
Winner's Shower
Paul Gentilozzi Giving Thumbs Up On Podium Thumbnail
Satisfied Record Holder

Trans-Am Stage Players

Trans-Am Field Pours Into First Turn At Start Thumbnail
The Start
Klaus Graf Leading Paul Gentilozzi Thumbnail
Teammate Led Early
Greg Pickett in Action Thumbnail
Just Missed Different Record
Tomy Drissi in Action Thumbnail
Other Rocketsports Car
Paul Fix in Action Thumbnail
GT1 Winner, Again
Butch Miller in Action Thumbnail
GTA Winner

Toyota Atlantic Breakthrough Victory

Antoine Bessette Peering Over Cowling Thumbnail
Ready To Pounce
Toyota Atlantic Field Streaming Into First Turn At Start Thumbnail
Into First Turn
Antoine Bessette in Action Thumbnail
Bessette's Day
Antoine Bessette Holding Up Trophy On Podium Thumbnail
Kept Streak Going
David Martinez in Action Thumbnail
North American 1-2
Andreas Wirth in Action Thumbnail
Another Third Place Finish

The Other Toyota Atlantic Stories

Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
Mechanical Gremlins
Al Unser III in Action Thumbnail
Best Finish
Eric Jensen in Action Thumbnail
Back In The Saddle
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Caught Blocking
Tonis Kasemets in Action Thumbnail
Tough Day
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
C2 Winner

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