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San Jose, 2007 Thumbnails

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The Fight For The Win

Neel Jani Goes Down Inside of Robert Doornbos Thumbnail
Restart Pass
Neel Jani Completes Pass of Robert Doornbos Thumbnail
Gets The Lead
Robert Doornbos Goes Down Inside of Neel Jani Thumbnail
Returns The Favor
Robert Doornbos Completes Pass of Neel Jani Thumbnail
Final Lead Change
Robert Doornbos Pulls Into Lead Thumbnail
Lead For Good

Bobby D

Robert Doornbos Missing Front Wing Thumbnail
Lousy Start
Robert Doornbos Passes Katherine Legge Thumbnail
Moving Back Up
Robert Doornbos in Action Thumbnail
From Last To First
Robert Doornbos Raises Arm in Celebration Thumbnail
Worthy Celebration
Top Three on Podium w/Confetti Thumbnail
Top Three on Podium w/Grid Girls Thumbnail

Other Leaders

Neel Jani in Action Thumbnail
Almost Won
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Looked Like A Winner
Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Brief Early Leader
Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Led A Couple


Will Power in Action Thumbnail
No Power Factor
Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Tells The Tale
Graham Rahal in Action Thumbnail
Pit Staller
Bruno Junqueira in Action Thumbnail
Strong Again
Tristan Gommendy in Action Thumbnail
Gutsy Performance
Simon Pagenaud in Action Thumbnail
Also Not Competitive


Jan Heylen w/Doornbos' Front Wing Stuck in Rear Thumbnail
Paul Tracy in Action Thumbnail
Got Fuel?
Mario Dominguez in Action Thumbnail
Third Team Is Not The Charm
Alex Figge in Action Thumbnail
Two More Spins
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Clarked Again
Dan Clarke on Pace Lap Thumbnail
One Man Wrecking Ball

Negotiating The Course

Sebastien Bourdais Leads Field in First Turn, First Lap Thumbnail
Outside Start
Pace Car in Middle of Field Thumbnail
Trying To Find The Front
Alex Tagliani Turning Hard for Hairpin Thumbnail
Tight Hairpin
Bruno Junqueira w/Major Opposite Lock Thumbnail
Hanging On
Tristan Gommendy Returns To Track Thumbnail
Wrong Way
Sebastien Bourdais Locks Up All Four Thumbnail
Smoking The Tires


Graham Rahal's Damaged Car On Hook Thumbnail
Practice Crash
Bad Ass Wilson on Side of Car Thumbnail
Needs To Be
Crew Working on Mario Dominguez's Brakes Thumbnail
The Midas Touch
PCM Crew w/Two Engines on Crates Thumbnail
Spare Cosworths
Top Side View of Simon Pagenaud's Helmet Thumbnail
Open Simon's Head
Palm Trees Thumbnail
California Palms

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