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San Jose Support Races, 2005 Thumbnails

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Katherine Legge Is Hot

Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Enjoying It
Katherine Legge Takes The Double Checkered Flags Thumbnail
Hat Trick
Katherine Legge Waves From The Podium Thumbnail
Happy Winner
Kevin Kalkhoven Hugs Katherine Legge Thumbnail
Happy Supporter
Podium Participants Toast w/Champagne Bottles Thumbnail
A Toast
Smiling Katherine Legge At Press Conference Thumbnail

The Rest Of The Toyota Atlantic Field

David Martinez in Action Thumbnail
Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
From Leader To Third
Tonis Kasemets Car On Hook Thumbnail
Bad Weekend
Tonis Kasemets Standing w/Helmet Thumbnail
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
C2 Domination
Justin Sofio On Podium Thumbnail
Call Andrew Ranger's Sponsor

Alan Sciuto in Action Thumbnail
Fourth in First Race
Phil Giebler in Action Thumbnail
Antoine Bessette in Action Thumbnail
Crashed Out
Kyle Kelley in Action Thumbnail
Kyle Returns
Bob Siska in Action Thumbnail
Ryan Spencer-Smith Hitting Tire Wall Thumbnail


Boris Said in Action Thumbnail
Said Returns And Wins
Greg Pickett Chasing Boris Said Thumbnail
Chasing Boris
Greg Pickett in Action Thumbnail
Fast At End
Klaus Graf in Action Thumbnail
Not A Contender
Rudy Revak in Action Thumbnail
GTA Winner
Moneca Kolvyn in Action Thumbnail
GT1 Winner

Joey Scarallo Leading Greg Pickett Thumbnail
Early Leader
Randy Ruhlman in Action Thumbnail
Hima Maher in Action Thumbnail
Fourth Place
Tomy Drissi in Action Thumbnail
44 Laps for Four Brothers
Paul Gentilozzi in Action Thumbnail
Paul Fix in Action Thumbnail
Threw It Away

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