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Mid-Ohio SCCA Valvoline Runoffs®, 2003 Thumbnails

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Winner Mike Kramer in SSC Race Thumbnail
SSC Winner
Brian Husting Spins in SSC Race Thumbnail
Civic Spinning
Runnerup Kevin Dennis in GP Race Thumbnail
GP Runnerup
Kevin Allen Lifting Wheel in GP Race Thumbnail
Datsun Wheelie
Keith Lively's Damaged Car in FA Race Thumbnail
Costly Mistake
James Oppermann in FA Race Thumbnail
Scoreboard Watching

Freddy Baker in T2 Race Thumbnail
Boxter Pole
Chip Benford's Damaged Car in T2 Race Thumbnail
Shortened Firebird
Thomas Drake and Keith Gillespie in GT4 Race Thumbnail
Old and New
Doug Peterson Leads James Goughary, Jr. in FM Race Thumbnail
Temporary Winner
Winner James Goughary, Sr. in GT2 Race Thumbnail
The Older Goughary
Barry Schonberger in GT2 Race Thumbnail
Tiger Action


Don Barrack Lifting Wheel in HP Race Thumbnail
Leaning VW
T-Bone Incident in HP Race Thumbnail
David Daughtery in SSB Race Thumbnail
Patriotic Double Zero
Jason Morales Watching F500 Race Thumbnail
Unwilling Spectator
Richard Gilhart Leads Pack in T1 Race Thumbnail
Fending Off Field
Polesitter Joe Huffaker in GT5 Race Thumbnail
Pole But No Win

Jacob Iliohan in GT5 Race Thumbnail
Cross Eyes
Start of AS Race Thumbnail
Rush Hour
Winner Justin Pritchard in FF Race Thumbnail
Rare Repeat
Tim Dunn's Car on Hook in FF Race Thumbnail
Needing A Lift
Winner Mark Pinney in FP Race Thumbnail
FP Winner
David Strittmatter in FP Race Thumbnail


Jay Lovett in DSR Race Thumbnail
DSR Engineering
Roger Siebenaler in FV Race Thumbnail
FV Runnerup
Winner Steve Johnson in S2000 Race Thumbnail
S2000 Victor
Runnerup John Fergus in S2000 Race Thumbnail
Not This Time
Winner Cliff Ebben in GT1 Race Thumbnail
Muscle Car Winner
Boris Tirpack in GT1 Race Thumbnail
Oldie But Goodie

Kevin Grant Spinning in EP Race Thumbnail
Kevin Grant Spinning in EP Race Thumbnail

Near Misses
Winner Jon Brakke in EP Race Thumbnail
EP Winner
Glen Jung's Damaged Car in EP Race Thumbnail
Hanging On
Start of SRF Race Thumbnail
Tight Confines
Winner John Black w/Checkered Flag in SRF Race Thumbnail
New SRF Winner
Winner Mike Andersen in FC Race Thumbnail
Alternating Years


Showroom Stock Cars Banging Doors Thumbnail
Top Photo
Corner Workers At Last Station Thumbnail
The Real Heroes
Message on Back of Sports Racer Thumbnail
Personal Note
Toby Grahovecís Damaged Car after SSB Race Thumbnail
Rough Time For Some
Full Grandstands Thumbnail
Full Stands
Blank Thumbnail
Where's Superfan?

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