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Mid-Ohio SCCA Valvoline Runoffs®, 2002 Thumbnails

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Pivotal Moments

Davies Leading Spicer in SRF Race Thumbnail
Spicer Leading Davies in SRF Race Thumbnail

Back and Forth in SRF
Prendeville Brothers Battle in Esses in FC Race Thumbnail
Prendeville Brothers Battle in Esses in FC Race Thumbnail

Sibling Rivalry
Culbertson Loose in GT4 Race Thumbnail
Costly Mistake
Goulart leading smoking Stewart in F500 Race Thumbnail
Smoking Lose
Beasley leads Mucha in CSR Race Thumbnail
Back in Front
Daughtery leading Roush in SSB Race Thumbnail
Holding It


Bardwell battles Rarick in FF Race Thumbnail
Open Wheel Excitement
Rathmann slides in front of Gilbert in T1 Race Thumbnail
Close Racing in EP Race Thumbnail
Close Racing in GT1 Race Thumbnail
Large Cars, Small Space
Start of SSC Race Thumbnail
Showroom Scramble
Start of DSR Race Thumbnail
DSR Resurgence


Justin Pritchard on FF Victory Lap Thumbnail
One Happy Dude
Brad Stout on FV Victory Lap Thumbnail
Hold It High
Steve Sargis Preparing for FP Victory Lap Thumbnail
Familiar Territory
Richard Spicer Sticking Tongue Out on SRF Podium Thumbnail
Wagging Tongue
Andrew Prendeville Interviewed After FC Win Thumbnail
Happy Brothers
FP Podium Thumbnail
Get Ready To Spray

Slip Sliding Away

Beginning of Jessie Houser FF Spin Thumbnail
Jessie Houser Spins Near Two FF Cars Thumbnail

The Anatomy of a Spin
Sam Ryan Sliding Off in SSC Race Thumbnail
Grass Cutter
JB Stringer T1 Car in Grass Thumbnail
Getting Back On
Dan Knox Opposite Locking in T1 Race Thumbnail
Opposite Lock
T2 Car Locking Up Brakes Sliding Off Thumbnail
Lock Up
Greg Rice Spins Off in FV Race Thumbnail
Vees Spinning


Juergen Baumann Big Crash in SSC Thumbnail
Nasty One
Workers Check Out Juergen Baumann in SSC Thumbnail
Mike Henderson Missing Windshield in GT3 Race Thumbnail
Shedding Parts
Jack McDonald Broken Axle in GP Race Thumbnail
No Axle, No Drive
L. Jack Ruscilliís Severely Damaged CSR Thumbnail
All Busted Up
Jason Byers Watches FF Race After Crashing Thumbnail
Lonely View


Jim Goughary, Sr. in GT2 Race Thumbnail
Trent Terry's Jaguar in GT2 Race Thumbnail
Fast Cat
Mark Weber in GP Race Thumbnail
Cresting Hill
Mike Biangardi in FA Race Thumbnail
Fastest Winner
Deborah Loth with Headlight Eyelashes in T1 Race Thumbnail
68 Corvette and 00 Corvette in GT1 Thumbnail
The Old and The New


SCCA Workers Thumbnail
Like The Energizer Bunny
The Shape of Things Still Around Thumbnail
Still Pertinent
Don Mills 9/11 Tribute on T2 Camaro Thumbnail
Mark Brakke with Debris Flag in EP Race Thumbnail
Debris Ahead
Marriage Ceremony Thumbnail
Kiss The Bride
Superfan IV Thumbnail
Superfan Part IV

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