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Mid-Ohio SCCA Valvoline Runoffs®, 2001 Thumbnails

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Start of SSB Race Thumbnail
Showroom Stock B
Closeup Start of SSB Race Thumbnail
SSB In Your Face
Start of FP Race Thumbnail
F Production
Start of SRF Race Thumbnail
Spec Racer Ford
Start of FC Race Thumbnail
Formula Continental
Start of GT1 Race Thumbnail


Paying Tribute Thumbnail
Remembering The Fallen
FM Winner Keith Roberts Thumbnail
Keith Roberts
SSB Winner J. Randolph Saucier Thumbnail
J. Randolph Saucier
SRF Winner Richard Spicer Thumbnail
Richard Spicer
FA Winner Larry Connor Thumbnail
Larry Connor
S2 Winner John Fergus Thumbnail
John Fergus


T2 Bad Boy Douglas Gamble Thumbnail
Bad Boy
Formula Mazda Battle Thumbnail
Rotary Clash
Various EP Cars in Battle Thumbnail
EP Prelude w/Dent on Side Thumbnail
Ouch, My Side
FC Heated Battle Thumbnail
Heated Exchange


GT2 Tiger Off in Grass Thumbnail
Tiger In The Grass
T2 Porsche on Flatbed Thumbnail
Not The Way To Return
FC Spins Off Thumbnail
Facing The Wrong Way
GT1 Slugfest Thumbnail
GT1 Crash Thumbnail
Stuck Throttle
Two Cars Stuck in Gravel Trap Thumbnail

Solo Action

GT2 Nissan 280Z Thumbnail
GT2 280Z
GT2 Sunbeam Tiger Thumbnail
GT2 Tiger
T2 Honda Thumbnail
Touring 2 Honda
American Sedan Mustang Thumbnail
American Sedan Mustang
American Sedan Trans Am Thumbnail
American Sedan Trans Am
SSB Miata Thumbnail
Showroom Stock B Miata

F Production Turner Thumbnail
F Production Turner
GT5 Nissan 200SX Thumbnail
GT5 200SX
GT5 Austin Cooper S Thumbnail
GT5 Austin Cooper S
GT3 Toyota Paseo Thumbnail
GT3 Paseo
GT1 69 Ford Mustang Thumbnail
The Old
GT1 Panoz GTS Thumbnail
The New

H Production Spotlight

HP Austin Healey Sprite Thumbnail
From Second To DNF
HP Winner Ron Bartell Thumbnail
Winner Ron Bartell
Interviewing The HP Winner Thumbnail
Interviewing The Winner
Preparing For HP Victory Lap Thumbnail
Preparing For The Victory Lap
HP Podium Thumbnail

Around The Track

SCCA Workers Thumbnail
The Dedicated
EP Miata Being Pushed By Workers Thumbnail
Helping Hands
Shattered Parts Thumbnail
Shattered Parts
Electric Race Car Thumbnail
Electric Racer
Superfan III Thumbnail
Superfan III

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