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Sneak Preview Cosworth Tour 2001 Thumbnails

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Engines, Engines, and More Engines

Row of Engines Thumbnail
All Lined Up
Other Engines Thumbnail
Not Just CART
Closeup of DFX, DFS Thumbnail
Closeup of XB, XD, XF Thumbnail
More Closeups

Winston Cup Engine Thumbnail
Winston Cup
Profiles Diagram Thumbnail
Manufacturers Championship Trophy Thumbnail
The Prize
Inside Cosworth Trailer Thumbnail

Parts Are Parts

Engine Rebuild Thumbnail
Tear Down
Engine Parts Thumbnail
More Parts
Engine Smaller Pieces Thumbnail
Smaller Pieces
Oil Pump Thumbnail
Oil Pump

Test Equipment

Dyno Thumbnail
Dyno Closeup Thumbnail
Dyno Closeup
Fuel Pump, Alternator Tester Thumbnail
Fuel Injector Tester Thumbnail
Fuel Injector Tester

Driver's Viewpoint

Steering Wheel Thumbnail
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Closeup Thumbnail
Steering Wheel Closeup
Steering Column Thumbnail
Steering Column
Engine In Brack's Car Thumbnail
In The Car

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