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Portland Atlantic, 2007 Thumbnails

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Robert Wickens in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Wet Wickie Winner
Kevin Lacroix in Action Thumbnail
Quick Learner
James Hinchcliffe in Action Thumbnail
Double Pole, Double Second
Ryan Lewis in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Right At Home
Franck Perera in Action Thumbnail
Sunday Third
Raphael Matos in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Streak Ends

Top Tenners

J.R. Hildebrand in Action Thumbnail
Strong Saturday
Jonathan Bomarito Falling Off Track Thumbnail
Recovered on Sunday
Carl Skerlong in Action Thumbnail
Caused Trouble
Junior Strous in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Two Top Tens
Ronnie Bremer Being Forced Off Track Thumbnail
Better On Saturday
David Garza in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Better On Sunday


Alan Sciuto's Damaged Car Off Track Thumbnail
Dry Crash
Simone De Silvestro Slides Off Track Thumbnail
Stalled Then Off
John Edwards With Broken Front Wing Thumbnail
Late Race Troubles
Bret MacDonald Getting Back on Track With No Rear Wing Thumbnail
Rear Wing Gone
Dan Selznick Sliding Towards Tire Wall Thumbnail
Heading For The Tire Wall
Tom Sutherland Out Of Stricken Car Thumbnail
Mechanical Woes

The Others

Giacomo Ricci in Action Thumbnail
Adrien Herberts in Action Thumbnail
Moved Up
Matt Lee in Action Thumbnail
Moved Down
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
All Laps
Mike Forest Battles John Edwards in the Rain Thumbnail
Rain Battle

Frankie Muniz in Action Thumbnail
Last Lap, Last Turn Crash
Brian Thienes in Action Thumbnail
Just One Point
Adrian Carrio in Action in the Rain Thumbnail
Not Far In The Dry
Richard Heistand in Action Thumbnail
Not Far In The Rain

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