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Portland Atlantic, 2006 Thumbnails

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First Lap Drama

Ryan Lewis Gets The Jump On First Lap Thumbnail
Lewis Gets The Jump
Field Streams Through First Turn Thumbnail
Middle of Jam
Graham Rahal Punted Into Spin Thumbnail
Rahal Punted
Simon Pagenaud's Damaged Front Wing Thumbnail
Cars Avoid Rahal's Spun Car Thumbnail
Every Which Way But Loose
Graham Rahal Spun Around Thumbnail
Pole and Done

Happy Celebrants

James Hinchcliffe in Action Thumbnail
First Win
Top Three Holding Trophies on Podium Thumbnail
Hinchcliffe Spraying Wirth on Podium Thumbnail
If I Hide Behind These Tires...
Hinchcliffe Running Spraying Champagne Thumbnail
Take Cover!
Andreas Wirth in Action Thumbnail
Another Podium
Wirth and Hinchcliffe Hug In Victory Lane Thumbnail
Team Hug

Heartbreak Hotel

Ryan Lewis in Action Thumbnail
One Lap Too Long
Simon Pagenaud in Action Thumbnail
Richard Philippe in Action Thumbnail
James Davison's Damaged Car Lifted Off Track Thumbnail
Lost The Wheel Banging Battle
Joe D'Agostino in Action Thumbnail
Fast But Broke
Duncan Ende Stuck In The Grass Thumbnail
Long Way Off

Other Stories

Alan Sciuto in Action Thumbnail
Best Run
Danilo Dirani in Action Thumbnail
Top Brazilian
Raphael Matos and Jim Bridgman Battling Thumbnail
Close Battle
David Martinez in Action Thumbnail
Biggest Gainer
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
Sideways in the Wet
Kyle Kelley Goes Off Thumbnail
Trying Too Hard

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