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Portland, 2006 Thumbnails

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Can't Tell The Drivers Without A Scorecard

Cristiano da Matta Banner Thumbnail
Quick Work
Cristiano da Matta in Action Thumbnail
Back To A Top Team
A.J. Allmendinger at Press Conference Thumbnail
Different Duds
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Surprising Change
Mario Dominguez Spinning Thumbnail
Odd Man Out
Tonis Kasemets in Action Thumbnail
Tonis' Big Break

Maiden Victory

A.J. Allmendinger Leads Field Into Festival Curves Thumbnail
Great Start
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Competitors' View
A.J. Allmendinger in Confetti Shower Thumbnail
Podium Thumbnail
Neil Micklewright Doused with Champagne Thumbnail
Pleasant Shower

Not This Time

Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Streak Ended
Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Behind Former Teammate
Bruno Junqueira in Action Thumbnail
Paul Tracy Spinning Thumbnail
Beaten By His Protege
Dan Clarke in Action Thumbnail
Near Podium Finish
Nelson Philippe in Action Thumbnail
No Podium This Time

Still Trying To Make A Mark

Andrew Ranger in Action Thumbnail
Looking For A Top Five
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Looking For Last Year's Results
Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Looking For Better Results
Charles Zwolsman Bailing On Start Thumbnail
Bailing On Start
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Looking For Stronger Performances
Will Power in Action Thumbnail
Fast, But Unlucky


Oriol Servia's Damaged Car Thumbnail
Destroying Cars
Race and Pole Winner Decals on Bourdais Car Thumbnail
Decorated Winner
Mario Andretti and Paul Newman Talking Thumbnail
Two Icons
Diana Junqueira Thumbnail
The Family Boss
Engine Crate Being Lifted Out Of Truck Thumbnail
What's So Fragile?
Squadron Flyover Thumbnail
The Traditional Flyover

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