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Mosport American Le Mans Series 1999 Thumbnails
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Click on the thumbnail to view a full size image. Be patient, as some larger images may take a little while to load. This page contains all the Prototype photos. There are a lot, but we wanted to give you a good choice of different angles on different cars. For the photos on the GT classes, support races, and the track, go to the second thumbnail page.

Panoz LMP-1

Panoz Driver Thumbnail
Getting Ready
Panoz in Pits Thumbnail
Pushing Out
Panoz in Pregrid Thumbnail
Closeup of Panoz Nose Thumbnail
Simply Beautiful

Panoz Nose Thumbnail
Panoz Front Thumbnail
Starting Point
Panoz Rear Thumbnail
The Rear View
Panoz Exiting Pits Thumbnail
Start The Thunder

Ferrari 333 SP

Ferrari Side and Mural Thumbnail
3D or 2D
Ferrari Side Closeup Thumbnail
Side Closeup
Ferrari Suspension Thumbnail
Ferrari in Pits Thumbnail
Getting Ready
Ferrari in Pits Adjusting Thumbnail
Last Minute Adjustments

Dyson's Riley & Scott Mk III/Ford

Dyson's #16 Thumbnail
The #16 Dyson
Dyson Front Thumbnail
Dyson Rear Thumbnail
Dyson Back Thumbnail
Dyson Cockpit Thumbnail

Lola B98/10

Lola Exposed Thumbnail
Under The Skin
Lola Front View Thumbnail
Front View
Lola Side Closeup Thumbnail
No Danny
Lola Exiting Thumbnail
The Motorola Lola

Other Prototypes

Kudzu/Mazda Thumbnail
Riley & Scott Front Exposed Thumbnail
The Riley & Scott Exposed
BMW Nose Thumbnail
Color Them Yellow
Porsche GT1 Thumbnail
From GT1 to Prototype
Porsche GT1 Rear Thumbnail
Porsche GT1 Rear


Ferrari Engine Thumbnail
Twelve Prancing Horses
Michelin Tire Thumbnail
Because So Much Is Riding...
Tire Rack Thumbnail
Maxwell's Helmet Thumbnail
The Most Important Part

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Photos taken with a KODAK DC210 Plus Zoom Digital Camera.

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