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Long Beach Atlantic, 2007 Thumbnails

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First Lap Mayhem

Cars Go Three Wide At The Start Thumbnail
Three Wide
Raphael Matos Beats The Field Into Turn One Thumbnail
Matos Grabs Lead
Trouble Begins At Back Of Field Thumbnail
Trouble Begins
Selznick Rides Jiang While Garza Drives Off Thumbnail
Trying To Survive
Dan Selznick Rides The Back Of Tengyi Jiang Thumbnail
Riding Up The Back
David Garza Drives Back On Track Thumbnail

First Turn Passes

Tom Sutherland Passes Adrian Carrio Thumbnail
Great Start
Joe D'Agostino Passes Dominick Muermans Thumbnail
Moving Back Up
Frank Muniz Passes Dominick Muermans Thumbnail
Frankie Moves Up
Junior Strous Passes Tom Sutherland Thumbnail
End Of Race Pass
Franck Perera Passes Tengyi Jiang Thumbnail
David Garza Passes Dominick Muermans Thumbnail
Meaningless Pass

Matos, Again

Raphael Matos in Action Thumbnail
Two In A Row
Raphael Matos Leading Jonathan Bomarito Thumbnail
Holding Off Second Place
Raphael Matos, Jonathan Bomarito, and Robert Wickens in Action Thumbnail
The Top Three
Raphael Matos Waves At Crowd After Winning Thumbnail
Acknowledging Victory
Jonathan Bomarito in Action Thumbnail
Runner Up
Robert Wickens in Action Thumbnail
Two For Two Podiums

Off The Podium

John Edwards in Action Thumbnail
Pressured His Teammate
Franck Perera in Action Thumbnail
Poor Start
Giacomo Ricci in Action Thumbnail
No Gain, No Loss
James Hinchcliffe in Action Thumbnail
Off Weekend
Ronnie Bremer in Action Thumbnail
Same Spot
Carl Skerlong in Action Thumbnail
This Time, A Finish

Worth Noting

Matt Lee in Action Thumbnail
Stayed Out Of Trouble
Junior Strous in Action Thumbnail
A Lot Of Work
Bret MacDonald in Action Thumbnail
Most Positions Gained
Ryan Lewis in Action Thumbnail
Surprisingly Off The Pace
Simona da Silvestro in Action Thumbnail
Another Rough Race
Alan Sciuto in Action Thumbnail
Fourth Starter, Zero Laps


Dan Selznick's Car On The Hook Thumbnail
Selznick ... Again
Red Bull Car Going By Ferris Wheel Thumbnail
Ferris Wheel
Four Cars in Flight Pattern-Like Simulation Thumbnail
Flight Pattern
Rear Views of Cars Going Away Thumbnail
The Back End View
Justin Sofio Celebrating His Birthday Thumbnail
Birthday Boy
Mazda Girl Holding Cupcakes Thumbnail

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