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Long Beach Support Races, 2005 Thumbnails

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Toyota Atlantic

Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
The New Female Star
Katherine Legge Waves On Victory Lap Thumbnail
Historic Victory
Katherine Legge Smiling At Press Conference Thumbnail
Smiling Katherine
Antoine Bessette in Action Thumbnail
Forced To Settle For Second
Rocky Moran, Jr. in Action Thumbnail
The Other Leader
Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
Drive Of The Race

Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
C2 Winner
Andreas Wirth in Action Thumbnail
Front Row, Zero Laps
Chris Dyson in Action Thumbnail
Sports Cars to Open Wheel
Dan Cobb in Action Thumbnail
C2 Runnerup
Mark Ishikawa in Action Thumbnail
Toyota Atlantic Car on Long Beach Street Thumbnail
Street Racing

Top Trans-Am Finishers

Randy Ruhlman in Action Thumbnail
There At The End
Greg Pickett in Action Thumbnail
Next To Last Leader
Michael Lewis in Action Thumbnail
Final Podium Spot
John Baucom in Action Thumbnail
Fighting Off Traffic
Philip Simms in Action Thumbnail
Gained Seven Spots
Steve Kelso in Action Thumbnail
GTA Winner

Slamming and Banging

Paul Gentilozzi's Damaged Front End Thumbnail
Yet, It Was Mechanical
Tomy Drissi's Damaged Front End Thumbnail
Lived It
Joey Scarallo's Damaged Front End Thumbnail
Racer's Best Friend
Boris Said w/Flat Tire Thumbnail
Klaus Graf in Action Thumbnail
Welcome To The Trans-Am
Max Lagod Leads Mike Davis Thumbnail
Didn't Survive

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