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Long Beach Support Races, 2004 Thumbnails

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Toyota Atlantics Top Guns

Ryan Dalziel Leading Field Thumbnail
Flying Scot
Andrew Ranger in Action Thumbnail
New Sensation
Bryan Sellers in Action Thumbnail
Podium Spot
Ronnie Bremer in Action Thumbnail
Next Best Rookie
Danica Patrick Holding Off Cars Thumbnail
Fighting For Position
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
C2 Winner

Toyota Atlantics Fighters

Rocky Moran w/Front Wing Askew Thumbnail
Jon Fogarty in Action Thumbnail
First Jon
Alex Figge in Action Thumbnail
Then Alex
Jonathan Bromarito in Action Thumbnail
Another Strong Debut
David Sterckx Looks Inside Tom Nastasi Thumbnail
Taking A Peek
Tom Nastasi Missing Front Wing Thumbnail
Nose Job

Trans-Am Walking Wounded

Edison Lluch w/Torn Up Front Thumbnail
Smashing Start
Tomy Drissi w/Damaged Front Thumbnail
Out Early
Boris Said w/Damaged Front Thumbnail
Pushing Too Hard
Michael Lewis w/Damaged Rear Thumbnail
From Behind
Jorge Diaz w/Damaged Front Thumbnail
Another Victim
Tommy Kendall in Action Thumbnail
Backwards From Pole

Trans-Am Survivors

Paul Gentilozzi in Action Thumbnail
Winning Owner
Greg Pickett in Action Thumbnail
Steady Run
John Baucom in Action Thumbnail
Race Of His Life
Mike Davis Slides Wide Thumbnail
Bob Ruman Kicks Up Dirt Thumbnail
Kicking Up Dirt
Joey Scarallo w/Exhaust Flame Thumbnail


Ryan Dalziel in Action Thumbnail
Chris Festa's Damaged Car on Hook Thumbnail
Slick Saturday
Philip Fayer in Action Thumbnail
Banging The Curbs
Philip Simms in Action Thumbnail
Black Knight
Randy Ruhlman in Action Thumbnail

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