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Long Beach Support Races, 2003 Thumbnails

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Toyota Atlantics Top Four

A.J. Allmendinger Leads First Lap Thumbnail
Allmendinger Leads Early
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Almendinger All The Way
Aaron Justus Leads Jonathan Macri Thumbnail
Battle For Second
Aaron Justus Celebrates Second Place Thumbnail
Jonathan Macri in Action Thumbnail
Macri Takes Third
Michael Valiante in Action Thumbnail
Valiante Nabs Fourth

Behind the Atlantics Leaders

Alex Figge in Action Thumbnail
Fifth In The Classroom
Luis Diaz in Action Thumbnail
Action Filled
Joey Hand in Action Thumbnail
From The Back
Kyle Krisiloff in Action Thumbnail
Making Gains
Danica Patrick in Action Thumbnail
Stuffed It
Marc DeVellis Sliding Thumbnail
Last Place

Trans-Am Top Half Dozen

Boris Said Leads Thumbnail
Said Grabs Late Lead
Johnny Miller in Action Thumbnail
Scott Pruett Leads Early Thumbnail
Majority Leader
Paul Gentilozzi in Action Thumbnail
Owner Takes Fourth
Jorge Diaz in Action Thumbnail
Promoting His Brother's Race
Stuart Hayner in Action Thumbnail
Veteran Sixth

Trans-Am Action

Marvin Jones Dragging Cone Thumbnail
Cone Killer
Tomy Drissi in Action Thumbnail
No Cardboard Cutout
Damaged Claudio Burtin Follows Max Lagod Thumbnail
Worse For Wear
Claudio Burtin's Tires Smoking Thumbnail
Smokey Tires
Michael Lewis Behind Barrier Thumbnail
Hide and Seek
Corner Workers Pushing Michael Lewis Back Thumbnail
A Little Help From Friends

Trans-Am Closeups

Crew Member Leaning Into Randy Ruhlman Car Thumbnail
The Man Eating Car
Claudio Burtin's Car in Paddock Thumbnail
Alien Vehicle
Greg Pickett's Car in Paddock Thumbnail
Muscle Milk?
Pulling Engine on Marvin Jones' Car Thumbnail
Engine Change
Closeup View of Right Corner of Trans-Am Car Thumbnail
Right Corner
Crew Member Pointing At Paul Gentilozzi Thumbnail
I'm The Boss

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