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Long Beach, 2001 Thumbnails

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Champ Cars

Christian Fittipaldi In Action Thumbnail
Fittipaldi's Blue Light Special
Kenny Brack In Action Thumbnail
Brack and Palm Trees
Cristiano Da Matta In Action Thumbnail
Fast da Matta
Helio Castroneves In Action Thumbnail
Helio Locks Them Up
Penske Blur Thumbnail
Nothing But A Blur

Patrick Carpentier Behind Barriers Thumbnail
Capentier Hiding Out
Players Garage Thumbnail
Players' Garage
Alex Zanardi Thumbnail
Zanardi's Back
Chip Ganassi on Scooter Thumbnail
Chip's Smiling ... For Now
Toyota Engine Thumbnail
Now A Powerhouse
The HANS Device Thumbnail
The HANS Device

Toyota Atlantic

Orsi In Action Thumbnail
Hoover Orsi
Pair Of Atlantics Thumbnail
Riding Off Into The Sunset

Trans Am

Trans Am Pack Thumbnail
Trans Am Pack Races Away
Brian Simo In Action Thumbnail
Defending Champion
Johnny Miller In Action Thumbnail
Johnny Miller
Peter Shea In Action Thumbnail
Peter Shea
Tomy Drissi In Action Thumbnail
Tomy Drissi

Trans Am Car Nosed Into Wall Thumbnail
Nosed In
Boris Said Missing Rear Body Thumbnail
All Torn Up
Jaguar On Tech Scale Thumbnail
The Cat Is In Trans Am
Viper Thumbnail
The Viper Challenge
Lou Gigliotti Working On His Car Thumbnail
The Winner
Brian Simo Poising Thumbnail
Planes, Simo, and Automobiles

Milller Nose Thumbnail
Smile, You're on Candid Camera
Trans Am Motor Thumbnail
American Iron
Trans Am Brakes Thumbnail
Big Brakes
Trans Am Cockpit Thumbnail
Inside The Workhorse

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