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Lime Rock Junior Formula Series, 2009 Thumbnails

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Simona's Atlantic Weekend

Simona De Silvestro in Action in the Wet Thumbnail
Great Qualifying Run
Simona De Silvestro at the Start Thumbnail
Excellent Start
Simona De Silvestro in Action Thumbnail
Pulled Away
Simona De Silvestro's Crew Celebrates Win Thumbnail
Crew Celebrates
Simona De Silvestro Hugs Her Father Thumbnail
A Happy Father
Simona De Silvestro w/Trophy on Victory Stand Thumbnail
Victory Spoils

Atlantic Contenders

John Edwards in Action Thumbnail
March Through The Field
Borja Garcia in Action Thumbnail
Podium Spot
Jonathan Summerton in Action Thumbnail
Switched Teams
Tonis Kasemets in Action Thumbnail
Back ... Again
Frederic Vervisch in Action Thumbnail
Lost Three Spots
James Winslow in Action Thumbnail
Last Car On Lead Lap

Atlantic Also Rans

Max Lefevre in Action Thumbnail
Opposite Lock
Markus Niemela in Action Thumbnail
Return of a Champion
Frankie Muniz in Action Thumbnail
Slowly Improving
Richard Zober in Action Thumbnail
Off The Pace
Michael Nacol in Action Thumbnail
Last Car Running
Matt Lee in Action Thumbnail
Returns With New Sponsor

Fierce FBMW Battles

Gabby Chaves Passes Gianmarco Raimondo for Lead Thumbnail
Winning Pass
Gabby Chaves Holds Off Competitors Thumbnail
Fending Off Others
Gabby Chaves w/Trophy on Victory Stand Thumbnail
First Race Winner
James Kovacic Makes Key Pass Thumbnail
Aussie Victor
James Kovacic Spraying Sparkling Juice on Podium Thumbnail
First Time Winner
Gianmarco Raimondo Ponders What Might Have Been Thumbnail
What Might Have Been

Strong FBMW Runs

Gianmarco Raimondo in Action Thumbnail
Giancarlo Vilarinho in Action Thumbnail
Former Points Leader
Alex Ellis in Action Thumbnail
One Pole
Daniel Vela in Action Thumbnail
A Fourth
Joao Horto in Action Thumbnail
The Other Fourth

Not Up To FBMW Pace

Michael Lewis' Damaged Car Thumbnail
Knocked Off
Martin Sala in Action Thumbnail
Wilson Phillipe in Action Thumbnail
Known Pedigree
Barrett Mertins in Action Thumbnail
Two Ninths
Robert Garcia in Action Thumbnail
Two Dropouts


Crew Trying To Stop Stream Crossing Track Thumbnail
Trying To Stop The Stream
FBMW Field Driving Through Stream Crossing the Track Thumbnail
Plowing Through The Stream
FBMW Restart Thumbnail
FBMW Restart
Atlantic Cars Kicking Up Spray During Qualifying Thumbnail
Atlantic Qualifying Spray
Atlantic Grid Thumbnail
Atlantic Grid
Cooper Tire Girl Thumbnail
Cooper Tire Girl

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