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Las Vegas Atlantic, 2007 Thumbnails

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Raphael Matos in Action Thumbnail
Matos Wins
Raphael Matos w/Towel Before Race Thumbnail
Staying Cool
Robert Wickens Leads Field Into Turn One Thumbnail
Raphael Matos Makes the Winning Pass Thumbnail
The Winning Pass
Jonathan Bomarito in Action Thumbnail
Third Place

James Hinchcliffe's Car On Hook Thumbnail
Practice Crash
Alan Sciuto in Action Thumbnail
Own Team
Ronnie Bremer in Action Thumbnail
Another Shot
Justin Sofio in Action Thumbnail
Longtime Veteran
Dan Selznick in Action Thumbnail
Slow Veteran

Top Rookies

Robert Wickens in Action Thumbnail
Sensational Youngster
Franck Perera Getting Ready w/Grid Girl Thumbnail
Another Flying Frenchman
Junior Strous in Action Thumbnail
Junior Dutchman
Matt Lee in Action Thumbnail
Trouble With Stewards
Mike Forest in Action Thumbnail
Another Canadian
Brian Thienes in Action Thumbnail
Last Finisher

Crash Victims

Adrian Herberts Being Hit From Behind Thumbnail
Bret MacDonald's Taped Up Roll Hoop Thumbnail
David Garza Walking Back To Pits Thumbnail
Familiar Walk
Tom Sutherland Locks Up Brakes Thumbnail
Smoking Tires
Carl Skerlong in Action w/Double Yellows Thumbnail
Giacomo Ricci in Action Thumbnail
Part of Pileup

Chicane Hopping

Alan Sciuto Getting Major Air Over Chicane Thumbnail
Talk About Getting Air
Mike Forest Getting Major Air Over Chicane Thumbnail
Another High Flyer
JR Hildebrand Flying Over Chicane Thumbnail
Disappointing Debut
Jonathan Bomarito Flying Over Chicane Thumbnail
Rough Landing
John Edwards Flying Over Chicane Thumbnail
Teenage Thrill
Simona De Silvestro Hopping Over Chicane Thumbnail
Rough Race

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