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Laguna Seca American Le Mans Series, 2006 Thumbnails

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Rinaldo Capello and Alan McNish in Audi R10 Thumbnail
P1 and Overall Winner
Romain Dumas and Lucas Luhr in Porsche RS Spyder Thumbnail
P2 Winner
Pedro Lamy and Stephane Sarrazin in Aston Martin DBR9 Thumbnail
GT1 Winner
Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin in Corvette C6-R Thumbnail
GT1 Champions
Mika Salo and Stephane Ortelli in Ferrari 430 GT Berlinetta Thumbnail
GT2 Winner
Jorg Bergmeister and Patrick Long in Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Thumbnail
GT2 Champions

The Big Boys

Emanuele Pirro and Frank Biela in Audi R10 Thumbnail
P1 Runner Ups
Nic Minassian and Harold Primat in Creation CA06 Thumbnail
P1 Podium
Stephan Johansson and Johnny Mowlem in Zytek 06S Thumbnail
P1 Polesitter
James Weaver and Chris Dyson in Lola B06 Thumbnail
Final Race
Michael Lewis/John Graham/Bryan Wilman in Lola EX257 Thumbnail
Barely Finished

Junior Class

Sascha Maassen and Timo Bernhard in Porsche RS Spyder Thumbnail
P2 Runner Ups
Jon and Clint Field and Liz Halliday in Lola B05 Thumbnail
P2 Podium
James Bach and Guy Cosmo in Courage C65 Thumbnail
Rotary Rocket
Stuart Moseley and Michael Vergers in Radical SR9 Thumbnail
Ben Devlin/Gunnar van der Steur/Adam Pecorari in Radical SR9 Thumbnail
Rough Race
Didier Theys and Fredy Lienhard in Lola R05 Thumbnail
Crashed Out

Grand Touring

Two Panoz Esperante in Sequence Thumbnail
Panoz Tandem
Mike Rockenfeller and Marcel Tiemann in Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Thumbnail
Moving Over
Darren Law and Seth Neiman in Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Thumbnail
Flying Lizard
Andrea Bertolini and Maurzio Median in Ferrari 430 GT Berlinetta Thumbnail
Italian Ace
Bill Auberlen and Joey Hand Spinning Thumbnail
Watch Out!
Bryan Sellers and Justin Marks on Flatbed Thumbnail
With A Little Help


Radical P2 Leading Ferrari GT2 in Corkscrew Thumbnail
Radical Ferrari
Lola P2 Leading GT2 Cars in Corkscrew Thumbnail
P2 Leading GT2
Dyson Lola in Corkscrew Thumbnail
Lola in Corkscrew
Porsche RS Spyder P2 Leading P1 Cars in Corkscrew Thumbnail
P2 Over P1
Panoz Esperante GT2 Leading GT Cars in Corkscrew Thumbnail
Corkscrewing Panoz
Ferrari GT2 Leading Panoz GT2 in Corkscrew Thumbnail
Beautiful Site

Into The Night

Audi R10 at Night Thumbnail
Silver Piercing
Corvette C6-R at Night Thumbnail
American Muscle
Aston Martin DBR9 at Night Thumbnail
Bond. James Bond
Cars Going Through Corkscrew at Night Thumbnail


Start of the Race Thumbnail
Radical SR9 Slides Off Course Thumbnail
Porsche RS Spyder leading Audi R10 Thumbnail
Prototype Tango Line
Lola and Audi Side-by-Side Thumbnail
P1 Battle
Mix of Cars Battle Thumbnail
Which Is Worth More?
The Sun Sets Over Laguna Seca Thumbnail

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