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Denver, 2006 Thumbnails

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A.J. Grabs His Fourth

A.J. Allmendinger Leading Justin Wilson Thumbnail
Faster Than Former
A.J. Allmendinger Leading Paul Tracy Thumbnail
Faster Than Current
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Coming At You
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Eat My Dust
A.J. Allmendinger Doing Donuts Thumbnail
No Hands
A.J. Allmendinger Celebrating On Podium Thumbnail

Race Action

Field Heads Into First Turn on First Lap Thumbnail
First Lap
Paul Tracy Gets Bumped by Alex Tagliani Thumbnail
Initial Contact
Paul Tracy Waits For Help Thumbnail
Waiting For Help
Sebastien Bourdais Goes Inside Justin Wilson Thumbnail
Preying On Wounded
Sebastien Bourdais Goes Inside Bruno Junqueira Thumbnail
Tough Pass


Bruno Junqueira in Action Thumbnail
Lucky Second
Dan Clarke in Action Thumbnail
First Podium
Top Three Holding Trophies On Podium Thumbnail
Happy Podium
Will Power in Action Thumbnail
Trouble Free Run
Nelson Philippe in Action Thumbnail
One Pit Mistake

Not On Lead Lap

Paul Tracy in Action Thumbnail
Great Drive, Until...
Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Furious Frenchman
Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Red Mist
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Clean Run
Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
Banging The Curbs
Jan Heylen Letting Faster Cars By Thumbnail
Well, He Did Finish

Mile High Heartbreak

Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Shoe On Other Foot
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Out Early
Andrew Ranger in Action Thumbnail
First DNF
Mario Dominguez in Action Thumbnail
Bouncing Over Curbs
Nicky Pastorelli Locks Up Brakes Thumbnail
Collision Imminent


Cristiano da Matta Push Please Sticker Thumbnail
Miss Denver GP Top Three On Podium Thumbnail
Miss Denver GP
Denver Broncos Cheerleader Spinning Around Thumbnail
Cheerleader At Race?
Denver Broncos Cheerleader Waving To Crowd Thumbnail
More Cheerleaders!
Woman With Bizarre Fashion Statement Thumbnail
Odd Fashion
Red Bull Sky Diving Acrobatic Team Thumbnail
Prerace Show
Champagne Bottles On Empty Podium Thumbnail
For Our Photographer

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