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Cleveland Support Races, 2007 Thumbnails

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Atlantic Action

Cars Fan Out After Start Thumbnail
The Run Into Turn One
J.R. Hildebrand Fights With Pack Thumbnail
JR's Great Start
Cars Kick Up Dust Thumbnail
Dust Storm
Raphael Matos Opens A Gap Thumbnail
Huge Early Lead
Mike Forest Spins Thumbnail
Punted Off
Matt Lee Locks Up Brakes ThumbnailLockup

Atlantic Aces

Raphael Matos in Action Thumbnail
Back To Winning
Looking Over Shoulder of J.R. Hildebrand in Car Thumbnail
Potential Realized
Franck Perera in Action Thumbnail
French Third
Giacomo Ricci in Action Thumbnail
Strong Run
James Hinchcliffe in Action Thumbnail
Drive Of The Race

Atlantic Also-Rans

Jonathan Bomarito in Action Thumbnail
Mechanical Woes
Robert Wickens in Action Thumbnail
Gained Spots
Ronnie Bremer in Action Thumbnail
Eventful Race
David Garza in Action Thumbnail
Improved Every Race
Alan Sciuto in Action Thumbnail
Salvaged Race

Looking Over Shoulder of Justin Sofio in Car Thumbnail
Most Improved
Kevin Lacroix in Action Thumbnail
Back Down To Earth
John Edwards in Action Thumbnail
Still Learning
Ryan Lewis Through Mirror Thumbnail
Fell Out
Adrien Herberts in Action Thumbnail
Scary Crash

Star Mazda

Jonathan Goring in Action Thumbnail
Dane Cameron in Action Thumbnail
Runner Up
Natacha Gachnang in Action Thumbnail
Podium Spot
Tyson Sy in Action Thumbnail
Moved Up
Marco Di Leo in Action Thumbnail
Maintained Pace
James Davison in Action Thumbnail
Lost Opportunity

MX-5 Cup

Jason Saini Leads Andrew Caddell Thumbnail
Double Winner
Ara Malkkhassian Spins Thumbnail
Punted Off
Matt Cross in Action Thumbnail
Opposite Results
Jesse Combs in Action Thumbnail
Lead Packer
A Pack Of Miatas Thumbnail
Rush Hour
Ara Malkhassian in Action Thumbnail
Into the Sunset

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