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Cleveland, 2007 Thumbnails

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An Ugly Win

Paint Marks on Paul Tracy's Nose Thumbnail
Paul Tracy Pit Stop Thumbnail
Team Support
Paul Tracy in Action Thumbnail
Never Gave Up
Paul Tracy's Family and Friends Celebrating Thumbnail
Happy Family
Paul Tracy Stands On His Car Thumbnail
Surprised Winner
Top Three on Podium w/Confetti Thumbnail
Interesting Podium

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Expired Engine
Will Power's Shredded Tire Thumbnail
The Culprit
Graham Rahal in Action Thumbnail
Not Enough Fuel
Robert Doornbos in Action Thumbnail
Ran Out Of Push To Pass
Simon Pagenaud in Action Thumbnail
Speed Unrewarded


Dan Clarke Sliding Off Course Thumbnail
The Customary Off
Tristan Gommendy in Action Thumbnail
Cold Tire Headaches
Jan Heylen Pit Stop Thumbnail
Innocent Victim
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Poor Car
Bruno Junqueira in Action Thumbnail
Tracy Victim
Alex Figge in Action Thumbnail
Gearbox Woes

A Bit Off

Neel Jani in Action Thumbnail
Salvaged Podium
Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Some Speed
Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Hung On
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Ryan Dalziel in Action Thumbnail
Kept Running


Justin Wilson Wearing Cool Vest Thumbnail
Cool Justin
Oriol Servia Giving Enthusiastic Thumbs Up Thumbnail
Paul Newman w/American Flag Backdrop Thumbnail
Classy Owner
Kevin Kalkoven and Jimmy Vasser Thumbnail
PKV Power Trust
Dale Coyne Riding Pit Bike Thumbnail
Fans' Owner
Jan Beekhuis and Rick Benjamin Thumbnail
Broadcast Duo

Technical Side

Set of Shocks and Springs Thumbnail
Shocks and Springs
Gears From Rear End of Paul Tracy Thumbnail
Worn Jabroc Undertray Thumbnail
Well Used Undertray
Air Louvre on Rear Engine Cover Thumbnail
Proper Air Flow
Sidepods From Graham Rahal Car Thumbnail
Sebastien Bourdais Checking Tire Thumbnail
Tire Expert

The Fans

Pizza Vendor w/Colorful Balloons Thumbnail
Where's The Outfit?
Fan on Motorized Cooler Thumbnail
Cooler Scooter
Chrome Hotdog Shaped Transporter Thumbnail
Two Young Fans Rolling Tire Thumbnail
Large Souvenir
Happy Young Boy w/Two Thumbs Up Thumbnail
Happy Fan
Little Boy Covering His Ears Thumbnail
Ear Protection


Field Streams Through First Turn at Start Thumbnail
Clean Start
F1 Two Seater in Action Thumbnail
Three Workers Screwing Cone Down Thumbnail
Crewman Seen Through Center of Wheel Thumbnail
Driver Banners Thumbnail
Always First
Champ Car Logo Painted on Grass Thumbnail
Great Grass

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