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Cleveland, 2006 Thumbnails

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A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Ahead Of The Pack
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Second In A Row
A.J. Allmendinger Gets Kiss From Fiance Thumbnail
Congratulations Kiss
A.J. Allmendinger Celebrating Win With Crowd Thumbnail
A.J. Allmendinger Plays Guitar Trophy Thumbnail
Rocking And Rolling
A.J. Allmendinger and Gerry Forsythe On Podium Thumbnail
Proud Team Owner

Other Fine Performances

Bruno Junqueira in Action Thumbnail
A Surprise Second
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Thought He Could Win
Jan Heylen in Action Thumbnail
No Slouch
Mario Dominguez in Action Thumbnail
Thought He Had A Podium
Dan Clarke in Action Thumbnail
Too Speedy
Nelson Philippe in Action Thumbnail
Another Strong Run

First Lap Victims

Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Scary Crash
Paul Tracy Crash Thumbnail
One Of Many
Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Fought Back
Pit Crew Working On Cristiano da Matta's Car Thumbnail
Where's Cristiano?
Andrew Ranger in Action Thumbnail
Never Caught Up
Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
Lots Of Spinning

Other Hard Luck Stories

Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Broken Suspension
Crew Changing Katherine Legge Flat Tire Thumbnail
Suffered Flat
Nicky Pastorelli in Action Thumbnail
Bonehead Move
Tonis Kasemets in Action Thumbnail
Never A Factor
Will Power Crash Thumbnail
Dust Cloud Kicked Up By Car Thumbnail
Constant Offs

Team Owners

Dale Coyne Thumbnail
Carl Russo Thumbnail
Regretting Move?
Kevin Kalkhoven and Jimmy Vasser Thumbnail
Money And Experience
Carl Haas Thumbnail
Blessing Car
Paul Gentilozzi Thumbnail
Just An Owner
Derek Walker Thumbnail
Always A Smile

In The Pits

Pit Crew Helmets On Nitrogen Gas Bottles Thumbnail
Protected Bottles
Pit Man Holding Oriol Servia Thumbnail
"Not Yet!"
Paul Tracy Pit Stop Thumbnail
Frantic Action
Pitlane Speed Limit Sign Thumbnail
Beautiful Sign
Car Starter Thumbnail
Ready To Pounce
Paul Tracy, Neil Micklewright, and Eric Zeto Thumbnail
Forsythe Brain Trust


Paul Tracy in Action in the Wet Thumbnail
Wet Friday
Flat Spot on Tire Thumbnail
Does Not Go Round And Round
Glove on Car Thumbnail
The Hand
Fan Carying Two Tires Thumbnail
One Of Each
Fire Helmets and Extinguisher On Pit Wall Thumbnail
Fire Art
Cleveland Skyline w/Race Car Thumbnail

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