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Cleveland Support Races, 2005 Thumbnails

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Toyota Atlantics Twofer

Charles Zwolsman in Action Thumbnail
Victor, Twice Over
Tonis Kasemets w/His Kid on Podium Thumbnail
Family Shot
Antoine Bessette's Damaged Car Thumbnail
Bad Saturday, Good Sunday
Andreas Wirth in Action Thumbnail
Two Thirds
Justin Sofio on Podium Thumbnail
Saturday C2 Winner
Dan Cobb in Action Thumbnail
Sunday C2 Winner

Tom Nastasi Sitting in Cockpit Thumbnail
"Old" Rookie
Al Unser III and Chris Dyson in Action Thumbnail
Finally Got By
Al Unser III in Action Thumbnail
Holding His Own
Leonardo Maia in Action Thumbnail
Future Star?
Jim Griffith Talking To Katherine Legge in Car Thumbnail
Open Wheel Master
Chris Souliotis' Damaged Car on Hook Thumbnail
Practice Crash

Anatomy Of A First Lap Crash

Start of Toyota Atlantic Race Thumbnail
Katherine Legge Triggers Crash Thumbnail
Dan Selznick Goes Airborne Thumbnail
Dan Selznick Broken On Track Thumbnail
Katherine Legge Successfully Going Through First Turn Thumbnail
Getting It Right

Trans Am

Randy Ruhlman Passing Joey Scarallo In First Turn Thumbnail
From Back To Front
Randy Ruhlman in Action Thumbnail
Amazing Win
Trans Am Podium Spraying Champagne Thumbnail
Enjoying The Shower
John Baucom in Action Thumbnail
Best Finish
Joey Scarallo in Action Thumbnail
A Force To Be Reckoned With
Paul Fix in Action Thumbnail
GT1 Winner

Rear View of Start of Trans-Am Race in First Turn Thumbnail
Safe Start
Paul Gentilozzi's Damaged Car in Pits Thumbnail
Klaus Graf in Action Thumbnail
Amy Ruman Sitting in Car Thumbnail
Tim Cowen in Action Thumbnail
Local Driver
Trans-Am Team Setting Up w/Cleveland Skyline in Background Thumbnail

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