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Cleveland Support Races, 2004 Thumbnails

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Toyota Atlantics

Ryan Dalziel Gets In Car Thumbnail
Prelude To Victory
Danica Patrick Stretching on Pit Cart Thumbnail
Toyota Atlantics Cars on Pregrid Thumbnail
Lining Up
Rear View of First Turn Start Thumbnail
Chaotic Start
Andrew Ranger Spins in First Turn Thumbnail
Thrown Away
Danica Patrick Passes Ronnie Bremer Thumbnail
Inside Pass

Bryan Sellers in Action Thumbnail
Jon Fogarty in Action Thumbnail
Points Leader
Jonathan Bomarito in Action Thumbnail
Top Rookie
Philip Fayer Adjusting Helmet Thumbnail
Atlantics Podium Holding Trophies Aloft Thumbnail
Trophy Holders
Drivers Spraying Champagne At Each Other Thumbnail
Get The Girl


Paul Gentilozzi Waves From Car Thumbnail
"Hi, Mom!"
Rear View of Start of Trans-Am Race Thumbnail
Rolling Thunder
Crew Lifts Hood off Tommy Kendall's Car Thumbnail
Overheating Polesitter
Tommy Kendall Sipping From Water Bottle Thumbnail
"That Bites"
Grass Covered Radiator Screen on Jaguar Thumbnail
Tommy Drissi in Action Thumbnail

Jorge Diaz, Jr. in Action Thumbnail
Podium Spot
Randy Ruhlman in Action Thumbnail
American Iron
Joey Scarallo in Action Thumbnail
Another Corvette
Greg Pickett in Action Thumbnail
Status Quo
Paul Gentilozzi Celebrating Win Thumbnail
Winning Smile
Paul Gentilozzi Giving Champagne Bottle to Fan Thumbnail
Over 21?

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