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Cleveland, 2002 Thumbnails

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The Waiting Game

Alex Tagliani Standing in Pits Thumbnail
Shinji Nakano Deep in Thought Thumbnail
Deep in Thought
Townsend Bell Relaxing On Wall Thumbnail
Bell Tolls
Scott Dixon Getting Ready Thumbnail
Dixon Ready
Adrian Fernandez Waiting in Car Thumbnail
Adrian Waiting
Christian Fittipaldi Waiting in Car Thumbnail
Christian Set

The Pits

Patrick Carpentier Pulls Out of Pits Thumbnail
Patrick Pulls Out
Adrian Fernandez Flies Out of Pits Thumbnail
A Blur of Speed
Tora Takagi w/Duct Fan Thumbnail
Poor Man's Fan
Tracy's Crew Hides Shock Work Thumbnail
Top Secret
Crew Works On Tagliani's Backup Thumbnail

The Start

Jets Perform Flyover Thumbnail
Balloons Released Before Start Thumbnail
Four Car Pileup On First Lap Thumbnail
Obligatory Mayhem
Cleanup of First Lap Crash Thumbnail
Mario Dominguez Storms Off In Anger Thumbnail
Hopping Mad


Winner Patrick Carpentier In Action Thumbnail
Second Place Michael Andretti In Action Thumbnail
Third Place Paul Tracy in Action Thumbnail
Third Place
Fourth Place Kenny Brack In Action Thumbnail
Fourth Place
Jimmy Vasser In Action Thumbnail
Adrian Fernandez In Action Thumbnail

Cristiano da Matta In Action Thumbnail
Streak Broken
Dario Franchitti Pulling Off Course Thumbnail
Broke Again
Dario Franchitti's Crew Retrieves Car Thumbnail
Crew Retrieves Car
Cars Streaming Through Turn 1 Thumbnail
First Turn Battle
Brack Beats Junqueira Out of Pits Thumbnail
Teammates Racing
Townsend Bell In Action Thumbnail
Not Even One Lap

Parts Are Parts

Body Parts from Christian Fittipaldi's Car Thumbnail
Body Parts
Splitters on Right Side of Lola Thumbnail
Right Rear Winglets on Lola Thumbnail
Rear Wing on Reynard Thumbnail
Rear Wing
Stack of Brake Rotors Thumbnail
Brake Rotors

Support Racers

Toyota Atlantics Car Stripped Down Thumbnail
Stripped Atlantic
Bob Siska's Low Budget Atlantics Effort Thumbnail
Low Budget
Atlantics Driver Alex Garcia Interview Thumbnail
Alex Garcia
Johnny Miller's Jaguar XKR Thumbnail
Randy Ruhlman's Corvette Thumbnail
Rear of Trans-Am Car w/No Bodywork Thumbnail
Bare Rear


Rear Shot of Ashley Judd Thumbnail
Derek Daly Interviewing Wally Dallenbach Thumbnail
Dodge Viper Pace Car Thumbnail
Pace Car
Simple Green CART Safety Truck Thumbnail
Safety Truck
Helicopter and Skyline Thumbnail
Various Support Vehicles and Skyline Thumbnail
Various Support

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