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Chicago, 2002 Thumbnails

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Mario and Michael Andretti Thumbnail
Royal Family
Jimmy Vasser w/Fan In Pits Thumbnail
Mario Dominguez In Pits Thumbnail
Looking It Over
Michael Andretti Interview Thumbnail
"No Boost!"
Vasser and Dixon on Truck Thumbnail
Before The Race

Everybody's A Comedian

Crew Member Yawning Thumbnail
Wake Up
Sign Girl and Honda Crew Member Thumbnail
Look To Your Left
Brazilian Drivers w/Ronaldo Hairdo Thumbnail
Patrick Carpentier Cleaning Cockpit Thumbnail
Darn Crew
Sign Girl for Dario Franchitti Thumbnail
Just Look


Cristiano da Matta in Action Thumbnail
Dario Franchitti in Action Thumbnail
Too Much Time
Jourdain on Pit Lane; Franchitti on Track Thumbnail
One In, One Out
Shinji Nakano in Action Thumbnail
Fine Performance
Townsend Bell in Action Thumbnail
Trouble Again
Tony Kanaan in Action Thumbnail

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