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Atlantic Unveiling, 2006 Thumbnails

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The New Car

New Atlantic Car Unveiling in Smoke Thumbnail
It's Here!
Crowd Gathers Around New Atlantic Car Thumbnail
Attention Getter
New Mazda Atlantic Engine Thumbnail
Mazda Power
New Champ Car Atlantic Logo Thumbnail
New Logo
Al Unser, III Sitting in New Atlantic Car Thumbnail
Third Generation Trying It Out
Justin Sofio Sitting in New Atlantic Car Thumbnail
From C2 to New Car

The Drivers

Katherine Legge Receiving Award Thumbnail
Special Award
Katherine Legge Receiving New Contract Thumbnail
New Contract
2005 Atlantic Champion Charles Zwolsman Thumbnail
Current Champion
Andreas Wirth Playing Racing Simulator Thumbnail
Richard Philippe on Cell Phone Thumbnail
New Philippe

The Players

Kevin Kalkhoven at the Podium Thumbnail
The Main Player
Champ Car President Steve Johnson at Podium Thumbnail
New President
Swift President Chuck Sprague at Podium Thumbnail
Swift Leader

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