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Toronto, 2006 Thumbnails

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The Streak Continues

A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
The Hat Trick
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
Nobody Got Close
A.J. Allmendinger in Action Thumbnail
What The Competition Saw
A.J. Allmendinger Holding Trophy on Podium Thumbnail
Another Winning Trophy
A.J. Allmendinger Getting Champagne Poured Down Him Thumbnail
Getting Abused
A.J. Allmendinger w/Three Champ Car Grid Girls Thumbnail
To The Winner Goes The Spoils


Nelson Philippe Concentrating Listening to Music Thumbnail
Oriol Servia Putting Earplugs In Thumbnail
Necessary Protection
A.J. Allmendinger Kissing Lynne Kushnirenko Thumbnail
Trying To Be Serious
Tonis Kasemets Getting Advice From John Gentilozzi Thumbnail
Receiving Advice
Katherine Legge and Kevin Kalkhoven Thumbnail
Relaxing Moment
Mario Dominguez Preparing Helmet Thumbnail
Checking The Signal

Good Runs

Paul Tracy in Action Thumbnail
Back On The Podium
Sebastien Bourdais in Action Thumbnail
Still A Podium Finish
Justin Wilson in Action Thumbnail
Not This Year
Cristiano da Matta in Action Thumbnail
Getting Comfortable
Alex Tagliani in Action Thumbnail
Fastest Lap
Will Power in Action Thumbnail
Most Positions Improved

Disappointing Runs

Mario Dominguez in Action Thumbnail
Back To Reality
Oriol Servia in Action Thumbnail
Nelson Philippe in Action Thumbnail
Brain Fade
Katherine Legge in Action Thumbnail
Tapped Wall
Jan Heylen Spun Around Thumbnail
Threading A Needle
Dan Clarke in Action Thumbnail
Not Dan's Fault This Time

Hard Hits

Tonis Kasemets Car Against Wall Thumbnail
Knocked Off, Hard
Tonis Kasemets Gets Out Of Damaged Car Thumbnail
A Little Help
Safety Crew Member Talking To Tonis Kasemets Thumbnail
Checking Driver
Tonis Kasemets Damaged Car On Hook Thumbnail
Paul Tracy on Scooter Thumbnail
Looking For Tonis
CV Joint Grease Splattered on Jan Heylen Car Thumbnail
One Too Many

Pit Action

Paul Tracy Peels Out of Pits Thumbnail
Burning Rubber
Crew Finishes Andrew Ranger Pit Stop Thumbnail
Spraying Finish
Air Jack Man Sitting on Tire Thumbnail
This Is Comfy
Crewman on Top of Fuel Cell Looking Down Nozzle Thumbnail
I Can See
Forsythe Crew Member Behind Reflective Helmet Visor Thumbnail
Checking Out The Girls
Hollywood Direction Chalked on Race Tire Thumbnail


The Weather Network Interviewing Nelson Philippe Thumbnail
Bruno Junqueira Zooms By Pit Signal Board Thumbnail
Quick Look
Back of Alex Taglaini Helmet Thumbnail
Honorary Australian
PKV Racing Driver Banners Thumbnail
Driver Banners
Nelson Philippe Wearing Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Thumbnail
Winning Over Home Crowd
Canadian Flag Next to CN Tower Thumbnail
Oh, Canada!

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